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Shivaay’s music is just average with its unforgettable tracks

Music Director: Mithoon

Lyrics: Sandeep Srivastava, Sayeed Quadri, and Aditya Sharma

Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh, Kailash Kher, Mithoon, Arijit Singh, Badshaah, Jasleen Kaur Royal, Megha Sriram Dalton, and Anugrah

It’s good to see Mithoon getting a solo project as a music director, but what seems confusing is the addition of Jasleen Kaur Royal as his partner and bagging two songs.

To begin with the title song, everyone got excited for, as it was the first song to be released and also because of the fusion of creativity with Mohit Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh, Badshah, Megha Sriram Dalton and Anugrah coming together in one song. The enchanting of Shlokas by Megha Sriram Dalton and Anugrah is a beautiful concept. And well, for the first time, I liked the lyrics that Badshah runs with. We have Sandeep Srivastava to thank for the amazing lyrics. Sukhwinder Singh could have been given a bit more role, though. Overall, Bolo Har Har Har is a modest above the rest.

“Ja-Jaa Kailash..Ja Kar Vinaash..

Ja-Jaa Kailash..Ja Kar Vinaash..” 

Darkhast marks the comeback of Sunidhi Chauhan along with Arijit Singh, but to be honest, the soft, piano portion which is the first one-minute is the best part. The rock feel seems like an intrusion and unworthy. The commercial love-song of the movie, won’t be remembered for long.

Written by Sayeed Quadri, Tere Naal Ishqa marks the comeback of Kailash Kher back into Bollywood and his voice impresses every time. The music arrangement doesn’t seem to suit his voice though. The beats don’t seem to match. May be Mithoon should have listened to his Kailasa band and found his style of music that suits his voice.

Now, coming to the last two songs of the album sung by Jasleen Kaur Royal. Her style of singing, which is more of like speaking a rhyme is a style that we appreciated in Baar Baar Dekho. But, for obvious reasons like lacking depth, intensity and no versatility, the whole track shall bore you and you will feel like skipping to the next song. If I guess rightly, the song, Raatein must be picturised on the little girl singing it out. Well, her voice works there.

But, the Raatein (Reprise Version) seems like a bad repetition and it sounds more haunting and eerie. I wonder, if of all people, Mithoon came up short with a song and had to incorporate a reprise version. A reprise version of Darkhaast would have been much better. Just Saying!!

And.. Wasn’t it in the news that Mithoon collaborated with The Vamps in the album?

But, where.. Exactly??

Songs to look for: Bolo Har Har Har

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