About Us

QUACK REVIEW is an entertainment website which aims at bringing the best stories to its audiences.

We are a unit of VegaSega Solutions and based out of Noida, India. We review various works of art and bring them on grounds of personal liberty and non-conformity to e-market orientations. We are not a ‘Deadline Community.’ Our reviewers take work that they feel passionate about and we call for a necessary amount of playfulness to it. Our team comprises of literature enthusiasts, who have spent their years, playing in close sync with the craft of presentations through writings.

We seek new perspectives and ever-changing insights. Critical analysis is our cornerstone. And, since we are bereft of any aging supervision, our central claim is our immaturity, where you may undoubtedly expect bold, quirky, and yet honest reviews.

“For We Have Madness And We Shall Write,
We Shall Burn The Midnights Bright
And With Every Quack, We Would Make,
Be Ascertain Of The World To Wake.”