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Netflix’s Amar Singh Chamkila: A Cinematic Tribute to a Musical Legend

Netflix’s Amar Singh Chamkila, with Diljit Dosanjh in the lead role, is a vibrant dive into the life of a musical icon. The film explores the intricate themes of morality, censorship, and the evolution of an artist, presenting a narrative that resonates with today’s audience.

The movie chronicles the ascent of Amar Singh Chamkila against the backdrop of Punjab’s political turbulence. Diljit Dosanjh brings to life Chamkila’s journey, capturing the essence of his struggle and the bittersweet reality of fame. The film’s portrayal is not just a recount of history but a mirror reflecting the ongoing relevance of Chamkila’s story.

Amar Singh Chamkila delves into the complex interplay between morality and censorship. The film’s opening scenes are a canvas, painting a range of emotions and setting the stage for a narrative that challenges the viewer’s perceptions and invites introspection. The film raises important questions about the boundaries of artistic expression and the role of censorship. It blurs the lines between the artist and their art, igniting conversations about class, privilege, and the power of art to transform society.

Director Imtiaz Ali, lyricist Irshad Kamil, and composer A R Rahman join forces to create a musical experience that pays homage to the transformative journey of Chamkila. The soundtrack is a character in itself, with melodies that are as haunting as they are beautiful, echoing the highs and lows of Chamkila’s life. The music, featuring voices like Arijit Singh and Jonita Gandhi, is pivotal in shaping the characters and the story. Songs like ‘Naram Kalaja’ are not just tunes but powerful statements against societal norms, especially those concerning women’s desires and roles.

Diljit Dosanjh’s portrayal of Chamkila is effortless and charismatic, capturing the singer’s spirit with authenticity. Imtiaz Ali’s direction is sensitive and insightful, offering a window into the soul of Punjab. Parineeti Chopra’s performance is a revelation, adding a layer of emotional depth to the film.

What’s good:

The film shines in its musical narrative, with A R Rahman’s score and tracks by Arijit Singh and Jonita Gandhi adding depth to the storytelling. Diljit Dosanjh delivers a powerful performance, embodying Chamkila’s charisma and complexity with ease. Imtiaz Ali’s direction is another highlight, capturing the essence of Punjab with authenticity and heart. Parineeti Chopra’s nuanced portrayal adds to the film’s emotional resonance.

What could be better:

While the film excels in many areas, it occasionally struggles with pacing, particularly in the middle sections where the narrative seems to lose focus. Some viewers might find the exploration of themes like censorship and morality a bit heavy-handed, detracting from the personal story at the film’s core.

Amar Singh Chamkila is a thought-provoking film that goes beyond entertainment. It is a reflection on the role of art in society and the individual’s quest for expression. The movie invites viewers to engage with the complexities of creativity and its impact on the world around us. It’s a must-watch for anyone interested in the power of storytelling and the enduring legacy of a legend.


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