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What’s Happening in The Season Seven Premiere Episode of Suits?

The Episode Was About Lighter Moments

Unlike its earlier episodes, the Season Seven premiere episode of Suits felt like it was more about lighter moments and about the beautiful relationship shared by Harvey and Mike. The show has finally departed from Mike’s turbulent past and it felt like it was due time, the show deserved a breath of relief. The new season is definitely not going to be an easy ride and we shall see new twists and turns along the way. The premiere episode was less loaded with the kind of Mike Ross drama we have seen in the past.


Donna Finally Got What She Deserved!

We’ve watched the show and loved it for the past Six Seasons but the show was getting a bit tiring with all the drama that involved Michael Ross. But now, no one needs to worry about Mike’s truth coming out because he is legitimate lawyer now. We can finally shift our gear to the red head lady with superpowers to know it all and make almost everyone’s worry disappear. We all knew that she is not just an ordinary secretary but she is no less than the knight in shiny armor of the ‘Pearson, Spectre and Litt’ legal firm. In the past seasons, we have seen that even if she realizes her potential as someone equally equipped with ideas and may be even smarter at times, she has always been confined as the secretary of hot shot lawyer, Harvey Spectre. The new season premiere has a different element to that story as she has finally decided that ‘she wants something more’ and that is a seat on the table. What does that mean you ask? It means that Donna  is now the new senior partner of one of the hottest law firms of New York. Let’s see how her new position works out and does that mean there is gonn’a be a new secretary?


Louis Drama

It feels like Louis is the only problem left in the office. Post break-up from Tara, Louis is being his old self or may be even worse. He has not been able to take the breakup quite well and is diverting his anger towards the new associates. But he is finally being shut down by Harvey and our newly appointed senior partner, Donna. Let’s see if Louis takes some time off and does a little bit of soul searching and comes out as a better man.


And not forgetting Rachel Zane, who has been given new control over the law firm’s associates.

If you have been a fan of Mike and Harvey, don’t forget to catch the premiere episode of Suits’ Seventh Season on Comedy Central.

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