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Top 10 TV Shows Trailers Showcased at the San Diego Comic Con 2017

The San Diego Comic Con 2017 revealed many new trailers and we have compiled a trailer – list of the Top 10 TV Shows that were revealed at the event.

By Aditya Gupta

You really wouldn’t want to miss any of these.

  1. American Horror Story: Cult

We finally know the name of the latest iteration of Ryan Murphy’s popular horror anthology and even though the trailer isn’t out yet but after watching the teaser of season 7. I can watch vouch that it’s going to be super creepy and super fun.

  1. Krypton

We’ll finally know more about the planet that Superman comes from. Though you’ll have to wait another year for the show to come on TV as the official release date for the show is 2018, but for the time being prepare to be amazed by this mini-teaser by Syfy and DC.

  1. Star Trek: Discovery

Based on Bryan Fuller’s latest edition of the popular science fiction TV series (as well as movies) Star Trek, Star Trek: Discovery will take place around a decade before the original Star Trek series and it is going to be mind blowing. Or at least this trailer by Netflix promises it to be.

  1. Stranger Things: Season 2

David Harbour (The actor that plays Chief Hopper in the series) said in an interview that the second season of Stranger things will be a lot darker, and a lot bigger, and a lot fast-paced, and there’s going to be a lot of scares. It seems from the trailer like he was true.

  1. The Gifted

Fox and Marvel’s latest show featuring Mutants (which looks a lot like another series Heroes) has nothing to do with the X-Men Series or Legion (FX’s X-Men based show)and in fact Fox is hoping that The Gifted becomes an entity of its own and we hope the same.

  1. The Inhumans: Season 1

Marvel’s Inhuman and Game of Thrones don’t just have Iwan Rheon in common but it also feels like Inhumans might also fill the vacuum after GOT leaves with all its politics, manipulations, blood ties and a whole lot of superpowers.

  1. Defenders

Another TV series by Marvel that everyone is eager about is Defenders. This show might be able to achieve what individual shows of each character couldn’t achieve. It’ll be amusing to watch Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist work together as a team and bring ‘justice’ to the world.

  1. Riverdale: Season 2

CW’s (Netflix in India) hot new drama based on Archie comics finished its first season with quite a cliff hanger and with many unanswered questions, Season 2 promises to bring back the drama with fresh storylines. Take a look at the trailer.

  1. Flash: Season 4

At the end of last season, Barry Allen had to leave Earth and Central City faces new villains. Will the team be able to bring back Flash? The Trailer seems to say so.

  1. Legends of Tomorrow: Season 3

The first footage from the forthcoming season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s Season promises “a greater evil” and, among many other things, offers a glimpse of guest star Billy Zane as politician/showman P.T. Barnum. See for yourself.

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