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Rangbaaz 3: Rangbaaz’s new season is back on Zee5

After the tremendous success of the first two seasons of gangster drama ‘Rangbaaz’, Zee5 has now announced another season of the hit show. Written by Siddharth Mishra, directed by Sachin Pathak, and produced by JAR Pictures, ‘Rangbaaz – Darr Ki Politics’ will feature Vineet Kumar Singh and Akanksha Singh in the lead roles.

The show is being directed by Navdeep Singh, who also has Bollywood films like NH10 and Manorama Six Feet Under in his portfolio. Vineet Kumar Singh has appeared in films like Gangs of Wasseypur and Mukkabaaz.

The third season will revolve around Vineet’s character Haroon Shah Ali Baig (also known as Saheb) and his rise from a small town in Bihar to become his most powerful strongman. As he gains power and money through his adventures, he also spends his resources to help people. With his Robinhood image, his character begins to strengthen and he begins to feel accepted and validated. However, does he confuse fear for respect? This rise and fall of the Saheb reflect his journey from a distorted idealism to a manipulative cynic.

A few more actors like Geetanjali Kulkarni, Sudhanva Deshpande, Ashok Pathak, Soham Majumdar, and Prashant Narayanan are also playing key roles in this six-episode series.

Expressing his excitement for being a part of this season, Navdeep says he has been a fan of the old season of Rangbaaz. His attraction to this dark world of gangster politics motivates him to build a new character with different shades of good and bad.

Vineet Kumar Singh
Photo courtesy: Instagram/@vineet_ksofficial

‘Rangbaaz-Dar Ki Politics’ exposes the epic life and times of Saheb, and the story depicts the politics of Bihar as both have been written together.

The series itself is full of drama, politics, corruption, crime, and power games and has a gripping storyline that makes the viewers stick.

Rangbaaz Season 3 will premiere soon on ZEE5.

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