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ORIGIN – Dan Brown’s New Novel Is A Tale Gone Stale

Origin by Dan Brown: SYNOPSIS

Robert Langdon is invited to an event by his friend and former student, Edmond Kirsch. Kirsch, a revolutionary scientist, has made a discovery that, in his own words, will shake the foundations of all religions of the world. In an event organized at the Guggenheim Museum, when he presents his discovery in front of a live televised audience, an unknown shooter puts a bullet in his head, thus killing him in front of millions.

Langdon and the director of the museum, Ambra Vidal, now take the responsibility to show the world about what Edmond discovered. In this process, they need to be on the run from the police, the Royal Guards, the Bishop and even the Royal Family of Spain. As causalities grow, Langdon must think of a way to unravel the secret that his loyal friend had found, and also unmask the killer.

Origin by Dan Brown: REVIEW

Origin was possibly the most hyped book of 2017. Dan Brown had gained the same reputation in the crime thriller genre, which Agatha Christie had gained in the past. But, he proved that he is prone to mistakes after all.

Not taking anything away from Origin, it is a good book, but how many times do we have to go through the same plot? Langdon gets invited to a public event, someone (usually Langdon’s friend/associate) gets murdered, Langdon goes rogue with a female who is somehow associated with it and then solves the crime. It would be awesome if Dan Brown would mix things up with Robert a little bit.

The end of the story is really good and unexpected, but if the beginning is slow, people won’t reach until the end out of boredom. The story is very one dimensional, with no major plot twists coming until the very end. Even the characters aren’t constructed as strongly as in his previous works.

Dan Brown

Somehow, Dan Brown has paid more attention to personal details rather than the plot. Focusing more importantly on how a character reacts to an event rather than highlighting the importance of what has happened, it seems like he is writing a screenplay for a movie and not a book. Origin looks like it has been lethargically rushed in the middle and worked up at the end.

His research and attention to finer details are still very good, but he ends up leaving a few plot points open and unresolved. It is not a bad book; it is just that this isn’t what you would expect from Dan Brown.

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