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Black Adam trailer: Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero is the new badass in town

The first trailer of DC’s ‘Black Adam’ is out. Former wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson is playing the lead role in the film. In this exciting tale of an iconic character, ‘The Rock’ takes on Justice Society of America (JSA) members as Black Adam. What is more interesting is that when most superheroes save lives, the anti-hero in ‘Black Adam’ does not shy away from killing people. With this, Dwayne Johnson has finally entered the DCEU.

There were huge expectations from the film as the photos, teaser snippets, and posters that emerged over the last several months shouted nothing but savage.

The trailer of ‘Black Adam’ begins with the backstory story of Black Adam, revealing how a superhero turns from a human to a god. The trailer gives a glimpse of the modern and historical world, in which Pierce Brosnan is seen in the role of Dr. Fate.

Black Adam

At the beginning of the video, viewers can see that Black Adam is going through some kind of transformation, he wakes up and remembers the dark past. Once transformed, he gets immense powers, making him fly with fighter jets, and even catch rockets. In the trailer, Black Adam is shown swinging between good and evil.

Apart from Pierce Brosnan as the suavely charming silver fox Dr. Fate, the trailer also features Aldis Hodge as the valiant Hawkman and Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher. The film was supposed to be released earlier but got delayed due to the pandemic. Viewers will soon be able the thrilling story of ‘Black Adam’ on screen.

Excited fans are eagerly waiting for the movie to release. One wrote, “This is the reason why Henry Cavill needs to continue as Superman so that we can see this awesome fight.” Another user commented, “This movie looks really awesome. The Rock is perfect for ‘Black Adam’ and we are ready to see what real power looks like.” Another fan commented, ‘The new badass is in town.’

Watch the Black Adam trailer here:

Directed by Jaume Collett-Serra, the film is set to hit the theaters on October 21.

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