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Seven-year-old Taylor Swift Look-alike Divides The Web Over Difference Of Opinion

A Seven-year-old British girl has caused a major internet storm, not just by her act of performing a Taylor Swift song impersonating her, but the volley of comments that have been directed on the act.

On a hit show called, ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids’ in Philippines, Xiamara Vigor performed a Taylor Swift song, ‘You Belong With Me’ in a white marching band uniform matching to that of Taylor Swift. Half-way through her act, her white marching band uniform is taken part to reveal a glittery black dress also similar to that of Taylor Swift. She looked perfect, singing with utmost sincerity and carrying all the Taylor Swift dance moves, pouts, expressions and hair flips. She is definitely, a power house of talent.

Taylor Swift Look Alike

With comments like, “Let Kids be kids and not hypersexual circus seals” and “Put these parents in jail. Disgusting and no one thinks you have class parents” and then Piers Morgan criticising the act as “sexualised” and “Creepy” the act has had its fair share of disturbing negative criticism.

His father, Alan Vigor, revealed that he was extremely proud of his daughter and that she was set to become the “new Shirley Temple”. He hit back at all the criticism saying that, his daughter was happy with what she was doing. He even said that they were contacted by a Hollywood director. The director said, “I’ve been waiting all my life for the next Shirley Temple and I’ve finally found her.”

Taylor Swift Look Alike

The little girl has been taking part in singing competitions and in 2015, she won the Philippines’ Mini Me child talent competition, for her rendition of Selena Gomez’s ‘Love You Like A Love Song’.

Yes, so it’s fine, if you judge a kid at a talent show. It’s also fine when you have a kid voted out, on the basis of votes by adults and not children. And then, it’s also absolutely fine that a kid is made a part of a reality show drama. But, the moment she impersonates what adults do, you are reminded of your moral code.

Can’t we just let it be at the fact, that the kid is talented and has a bright future?

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