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Yes.. One Republic Is Coming To Mumbai Next Month

Having experienced a cancelled concert of Metallica in Delhi, first hand in 2011, the recent successful gigs by international artists such as Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Incubus and Justin Bieber has reinstated my faith in the musical culture for our country. Having said that, let me jump right to the point, One Republic is coming to Mumbai in April.

The American pop band who found their first hit single, Apologize, which became a chartbuster and even earned them a Grammy nomination, has been touring after the release of their fourth album, Oh My My. Set to perform at the MMRDA Grounds on 21 April, Ryan Tedder’s beautiful vocals and Zach Filkins amazing guitar skills are destined to take you places.

Warren D’Souza, the director of, who has earlier associated with international artists such as Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Incubus and Chainsmokers among others, shall be providing complete sound solutions. Well, that’s a big relief.

So, fellow music lovers, grab your tickets today and well..find your headphones and practice singing along hits like Apologize and Counting Stars and Stop and Stare. You wouldn’t want to miss this musical gig of a lifetime.

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