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Noor Movie Review: A Flippant Sonakshi Shines in a Confusing-As-Ever Story

Noor is the story of Noor Roy Chaudhary, a journalist who aspires to work on serious issues, but is handed casual and sensational matters to cover. Her two best friends Saad Sehgal and Zara Patel are the only good things in her life. She meets Ayan Banerjee, a former war photographer, and the two fall in love. She even finds a story that shall boost her journalism career. But, things go wrong and Noor finds herself at the bottom of the stairs. Will she be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful journalist?

Noor is based on a novel, “Karachi, You’re Killing Me!” by Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz. The movie also marks the debut of famous Youtuber and comedian, Kanan Gill.

Noor Moview Review

After Akira’s success, Sonakshi Sinha has bagged another movie as the lead actor and Noor proves to be all about Sonakshi Sinha. That’s a good and a bad thing. It’s good because we get to see Sonakshi Sinha onscreen for the longest time ever and it is here that she gets to display her acting prowess and prove her place in the Bollywood industry and it’s all good, until the very fact that the movie turns out to be so much about Noor that it fails to carry any strong message for the audience.

Not everyone, not even every journalist will be able to relate themselves to the character of Noor. The story, time and again, flips between Noor’s career and her love-life and though she tries to improve her love-life as she meets Ayan Banerjee and falls in love, her career seems to have taken no good turn for her. Her shallow attitude rewards her with nothing but a death and even after that we see her doing nothing new, but following the same regime, yes a few seconds of too many paper clippings and a monologue on the dying city of Mumbai is present in the scene, but the monologue seems thrust and they don’t justify the fact that Noor rises to become a humanitarian journalist.

At one point of time, you wonder what exactly the story writers had in mind, for you find too many subplots running around and things running amok, like for instance, Noor takes a trip to London with Saad which has no relevance to the story, except a couple of country-side scenic shots. It is scenes like these that will leave you puzzled regarding their relevance. Also, the whole idea of tying every loose string through one monologue seems far-fetched. Noor lacks the much-required depth and substance.

In terms of acting, Sonakshi Sinha shows new colors and it is welcoming. Kanan Gill, tries to remain on top of his acting, but his expressions generally end up with a straight face, but watching him alongside Sonakshi Sinha is refreshing as they complement each other well. Not to miss is the fine acting of supporting actors, Manish Chaudhary and Smita Tambe. Smita Tambe shows some spark in the second half. The movie also carries some fine picturesque shots of Mumbai.


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