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Mirzya Review: The film fails to live up to its expectations


Mohnish and Suchitra are childhood friends and schoolmates. An untoward incident separates them and sends Mohnish to a juvenile correction centre. The story takes its forward journey, when Mohnish grows old to be a stable boy in the name of Aadil under Prince Karan, who is supposed to marry Suchitra. Suchitra and Aadil rekindle their childhood love and they both struggle to get away from a world where their love is not cherished.


The movie marks the debut of Anil Kapoor’s son, Harshvardhan Kapoor and Tanvi Azmi’s niece, Saiyami Kher. Rakesh Omprakash Mehra first thought of the movie, while working on the sets of Delhi-6. The legendary Gulzar has penned down the screenwriting as well the lyrics of all the songs in the movie.

What to Anticipate:

The movie takes on the age-old Punjabi love story of Mirzya-Sahibaan and sets it into the Rajasthani folklores with a contemporary twist to cope with reality.

Rakesh Mehra of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Delhi-6 fame uses the beautiful concept of running two parallel stories together using symbolism and gorgeous imagery in the hands of cinematographer, Pawel Dyllus. The other side of the same story is the use of ‘be-matlab‘ shots, where you will see certain scenes to be projected like a photograph for seconds, just in the name of ‘imagery’.

The banajara – style of storytelling is a compelling element used by the director.

Though the use of CGI effects in the movie is commendable, which makes it no less than 300 or Game of Thrones and the scenes of Harshvardhan riding the horse, makes him no less than a warrior and a ‘real bollywood hero’. It also felt that instead of using parallel world-stories, if the director would have stuck to only one of them, it could have been better justified.

Not to be picky, but the acting seems immature. Besides the young duo, the acting of senior actors in the movie is well, but the same cannot be said for Harshvardhan and Siyami. For two people, donning the roles of legendary lovers, a certain level of intensity is expected, which certainly was lost. The roles of Zeenat by Anjali Patel and Suchi’s father by Art Malik shall win your hearts.

Elements of Shakespearean tragedy and the conventional stable boy-princess love story unfold in the movie, which seems easily anticipated in the beginning minutes.

Also, not to forget, you won’t find many dialogues in the movie, it’s all scenes and imageries and music.

Generally, the music of a movie supports the plot, but it all seems altered here. The plot revolves around the music of the movie.

41 Minutes of songs to cover in a 129-minute movie.. Well, You can easily predict a song after every 10 minutes in the movie. The songs have really been well-written with amazing lyrics and they all sound well, but well, it seems that the director forgot that it was not a broadway musical, letting the love story be forgotten in its loopholes.

Well, It seems, Gulzar may have written the lyrics of the songs before he wrote the screenplay of the movie.


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