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Mirza Juuliet Movie Review: Nothing New in This Tragic Love Story

Mirza Juuliet Story

Mirza Juuliet is the story of two star-crossed lovers, Mirza and Jullie Shukla. Set in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur district, we are introduced to Jullie Shukla, the sister of an influential politician, Dharmraj, who is set to marry her to a sexed-up Rajan Pandey in order to have political gains. Mirza is a hitman and one of the best shots in town. When Jullie meets Mirza, who happens to be her childhood friend, they begin to get close and fall in love. Will Mirza and Jullie be able to survive their love among political alliances, religious issues, and family honor?

The title of the movie was suggested by Ajay Devgn while the movie has been extensively shot in Mirzapur, Banaras, and Dharamsala.

Mirza Juuliet Review

Mirza Juuliet is nothing but a standard story that we have earlier seen in movies like Ishaqzaade and Mirzya. This rugged and raunchy adaptation of Romeo & Juliet is set against the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh’s small town and focuses on issues like misogyny, ill-treatment of women and the tragic love story of two lovers. Lately, movies like Gangs of Wasseypur and Tanu Weds Manu have brought interesting stories out of small towns and the formula seems to have been repeated in Mirza Juuliet.

The script is predictable with the story bringing nothing new to the table beside an interesting first half leading to the same old tragic story. The loud-mouthed Pia Bajpai has been portrayed as the bold, progressive woman, but at the same time, we have characters like her sister-in-law who justifies domestic violence as husband’s love. And not just that, we also have his brother who says “I shouldn’t be saying this. But my sister, you are so pretty. Any man would get carried away.” So, if we have one daring female presence in the movie, we have two other people supporting domestic abuse and violence.

The movie carries a sexual bluntness with Chandan Roy Sanyal playing the role of a horny character, but his acting fails to bring any kind of comic relief and drowns towards perverseness. On the other hand, supporting actors like Swanand Kirkire manage an average screen presence. Darshan Kumar who made his name with Mary Kom and NH10 fails to make a name. He remains as the simple, kind tragic lover who has been established as the best shot in town and can easily dodge bullets like Neo from Matrix.

The idea of honor killing and marriage for political and financial gains remain very prominent in most of the north Indian cities and the movie tackles these issues, but at the same time, it fails to execute them properly. Even the music of the movie is no help to sit throughout the movie. It remains a total surprise though, as to how Censor Board and Pahlaj Nihalani let the movie carry some of the intense sexual content in the name of the story, but ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ was banned.


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