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The Magnificent Seven brings back the days of cowboys, guns and the wild west

A corrupt gold businessman (Bartholomew Bogue) along with his men (McCann) kills a bunch of people in Rose Creek, as they resist to sell their land, for his mining ventures. The wife (Emma Cullen) of one of the dead and Teddy Q, go to find people in order to save their town. She meets a bounty hunter (Chisolm), who has his own past with the corrupt businessman and who then assembles a team of misfits (Goodnight Robicheaux , Billy Rocks, Josh Faraday , Red Harvest, Jack Horne , Vasquez) seven in all, to fight the man and his army.


The movie is a remake of John Sturges’ The Magnificent Seven (1960), which was an adaptation of Akira Kurosawa’s Japanese movie, Seven Samurai (1954). The film grossed 35 Million dollars in the opening weekend. The Jennifer Lawrence look-alike in the movie is Haley Bennett of The Girl on The Train.


What to anticipate:

The movie takes Sturges’ post-civil war setting and fills it with emotional, comic and action packed shooting elements to bring old wine in a new bottle. What’s commendable is that the character of Emma Cullen is not an oppressed woman, who only seeks seven worthy men to protect her town, but at the same time, acts like a bad-ass and also partakes in quite a lot of shooting. “I seek righteousness, but I will take revenge.”

Men riding horses through the hills, into the sunset, a lot of grasslands, saloons, alcohol, tobacco and of course, gun-slingers and guns – everything you need to bring the days of wild cowboys. Shooting is so common that every few minutes, someone gets shot in the movie. The movie begins with a church in the background and ends inside the same, focussing on the god-loving people of that era. Denzel Washington is the leader, who knows who to pick to make his hit squad, the man in black. We also get to know his relation to Brogue towards the ending.

The story of the movie can be easily anticipated. Things like, the bunch of misfits with different abilities and stories behind. One of them who runs away from the fight, but comes back to help his friends in need.

Chris Pratt’s funny expressions and dialogues are similar to his role, like in that of Guardians of Galaxy and it really suits him.

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