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M.S. Dhoni’s Music is soft and easy-going

On the very outset, this is an album with the sole purpose of helping the plot of the movie move along with songs failing to stand apart on their own. With soulful numbers by Palak Muchhal (Kaun Tujhe) and Armaan Malik (Jab Tak), the album does garner interest, but the tunes seem too familiar. The original version of Jab Tak seems pleasant and soothing than its peppier redux version.

Besabriyan gives insight into the struggle of the character. The lyrics and the music doesn’t carry the strength and ghusto expected out of a motivational song.

Indian Idol Junior 2 Winner Ananya Nanda and Adithyan A Prthviraj shall win your hearts with their amazing vocals in childish accent in Padhoge Likhoge. The lyrics stand apt for the song, ready to remind of our childhood days and the proverb, Padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab, Khelego kudoge to banoge kharab.

The sound arrangement in Phir Kabhi lacks soul and even the voice of melodious Arijit Singh fails to fill the song with life.

Parwah Nahin or the fight song carries the feel of a strong rock feel to it and the guitar solo in the middle immediately connects to the music of Dreamtheatre. Guitar and Piano solos in the album shows the influence of rock bands on the music director.

Har Gali Mein Dhoni Hai seems another re-mastered version of Waving Flag and Rochak Kohli fails to make an impact with his vocals.

Songs to look for:

Kaun Tujhe, Parwah Nahin

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