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Ed Sheeran Recently Released Two Songs From His New Album, Divide. Read and Listen!

By Rajat Rawat and Krishna Kant

Ed Sheeran released two singles from his upcoming New Album, DIVIDE.

Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You were released by the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ singer on Friday.

The fans are loving them both and there are over 10 Million views each of both songs on Youtube as of today.         

Read And Listen To Them.

Castle On The Hill

The song begins with an up-beat intro and indulges sweetly into the chorus. The chorus is powerful and tends to stay with you for a while. Sheeran’s amazing vocals enhances the overall experience of the song and the instruments and the vocals are utilized well.

Sheeran’s voice reminds one of Mumford and Sons. What’s amazing is the way that Ed romanticizes everyday experiences and turns them into a great sing-along anthem. There is a certain innocence to this song, which was earlier felt in his another song, Photograph, which talks about childhood days.

Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran stated that they had started making the song, keeping in mind that it was for Rihanna, but towards the end of it, he had second thoughts and kept it for himself. Well, Thank God, for he did a good job!

And since, the song was being made for Rihanna, one won’t find the typical guitar rhythm on loops on this song. We have a light Caribbean music to the song with marimba beats. The song does remind one of Kevin Lyttle’s Turn Me On.

The Groovy Music and the Marimba Beats do compel you to move your body to the song and party along. The Hip-Hop feel to the sing hits the right spot and has not been overdone.

What can we say! These two songs are well made and the bar has certainly been raised for we excitedly wait for the rest of the songs of the album to be released.

Ed Sheeran has his own thing going. Well, we can say, he is to the world what Lucky Ali is to us. Alone with his guitar, versatile and pure talent coming together to make some amazing songs.

And he surely does still have a lot to offer. He is a talent house and the show is not over.

A Little Bonus Track.. Unplugged Version of Castle On The Hill.

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