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Commando 2 Review: Action Sequences Fail To Lift This ‘Total Waste of Money, Time’ Movie

Commando 2: The Black Money Trail Story

Commando 2: The Black Money Trail is a chase story that deals with demonetization and the effort to bring black money to India. When a notorious black money launderer, Vicky Chadha, who is responsible for holding and managing accounts of various hoarders of black money in India, surrenders in Malaysia, Home Minister Shefali Shah sends a four-member unit headed by ACP Bakhtawar (a politician’s policeman) and comprising Ex-commando Karan (a true patriotic soldier), encounter-specialist Bhavna Reddy (a corrupt cop obsessed with imported brands) and Zaffar Hussain, a specialist hacker is sent to bring Vicky Chadha safely. going through twists and web of lies and deceits, will they be able to complete the mission?


Produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Commando 2: The black Money Trail is a sequel to Commando: A One Man Army (2013). Adah Sharma had made her acting debut with the horror-flick, 1920, which brought her into the limelight. For Suhail Nayyar, this is his second appearance after his short stint in Udta Punjab. Vidyut Jamwal was injured while shooting one of the action sequences and was rushed to the hospital by co-stars Freddy Daruwala and Adah Sharma.


Commando 2: The Black Money Trail Review

Before we tell you about the bad parts, which are many, let’s just quickly get over the few good parts of the movie. The movie didn’t put any songs in-between the story and for that, we are super-thankful to the director. Also, a couple twists in the movie were well-written. It will make you wonder if only that portion of the movie was seriously written.

In very true terms, there is nothing Commando like in our so-called commando, who like every other super-soldier, doesn’t believe in following orders and is a trigger-happy guy. From the very beginning, you will love Vidyut Jamwal for doing some of the action attempts, but at the same time, being a commando means being stealth and being prepared.. doesn’t it? He takes on floors full of people with guns, only with one handgun and no extra magazines. heard that right. Also, in the same action sequence, you will find Vidyut wearing a pair of gloves in the beginning, but suddenly he is missing them, just because he had to slide down a wall. Very convenient!

Every other actor other than Vidyut Jamwal, be it Esha Gupta, Adah Sharma or Freddy Daruwala – they are just stock characters with no identity of their own. Adah Sharma’s accent is super-bad, you shall hate it and the psychotic chanting of ‘Commando’ every once in a while will help you hate the movie more.

Every once in a while, the idea of nationalism is thrown with major slogans and catch-phrases like Swach Bharat, Demonetisation, Black-Money, and Jan-Dhan. That should help you laugh in your head on the uselessness of the dialogue writer. Super-computers still have funny red and green blinking lights, like the 90s. You know the role of Thakur Anoop Singh, the moment you see him as the bodyguard of the villain, i.e, one last shirtless fight scene with the hero and that is it. That is why he was there throughout the movie. Every scene seemed pushed and so does the romance between Vidyut and Adah.


It seems the whole script and dialogues were written around the action sequences. They decided the action-sequences and built the whole movie around it. Yes, it’s that bad.

Yes, Vidyut Jamwal is impressive with his well-chiseled body and mid-air flips and twists, but at the same time, his dialogue delivery is bad. We, desperately, wish that this talented action-guy gets better movies.


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