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The Boss Baby Review: A Few Good Laughs Without Any Lasting Impression

The Boss Baby is the adventurous tale of two brothers Tim and Boss Baby. Tim’s perfect world is destroyed when his parents bring home his baby brother. Sensing something mischievous, Tim spies on him only to find out that he is a spy who works for Baby Corp. His mission is to find out the reasons as to why puppies are getting more love than babies and he has come to his home because Tim’s parents work for Puppy Co. After some running and catching and blackmailing, they both agree to work together and complete the mission. A new puppy is going to be launched by Puppy Co, but the baby needs his ‘Secret Baby Formula’. What shall be the end of this adventurous tale? Who shall win – Tim vs The Boss Baby? or Babies vs Puppies?



The Boss Baby is the 34th feature film by Dreamworks Animations, which is based on a book by the same name by Marla Frazee. Alec Baldwin has earlier given his voice in animated movies like Rise of the Guardians, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. Director Tom McGrath has earlier directed the movie Megamind and co-directed the Madagascar series. This shall be the first time that Alec Baldwin and Lisa Kudrow shall be working together since FRIENDS.

What To Anticipate:

Animated movies have always woven their own world with a very peculiar sense of understanding the reality of life, weaving an aura of an imaginary world all around them and this is what The Boss Baby almost does. Sure, babies coming from a machine (we have seen it in Storks), a cute little baby dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase, keeping in mind the ‘secret baby juice’ that helps him think and act like an adult – it all seems pretty digestible but the very fact that you put the love of babies against that of puppies. Well.. that seems far-outstretched. Agreed that the movie gives it a pretty happy ending and we witness the idea of love as equally distributed, but in the case of doing so, it also kills the plot of the movie and the whole adventure-misadventure that the audience watches through.

the boss baby

A lot of credit has to be given to the team of animation experts behind the movie. The facial expressions have been animated with such finesse that it makes you wonder if technology can outmatch humans in expressing their emotions, but in the end, it’s the humans who build these animations, right?

The idea of sibling rivalry is an old one and The Boss Baby uses that, at the same time, showing the blossoming relationship of two brothers, but the mission somehow rushes it all and that too against puppies. Towards the end, there are just too many strings to be tied, where the two brothers save the world and their parents and The Boss Baby becomes the boss of BabyCorp and ultimately leaving it. The kids will love the baby but are bound to be confused towards the rushed end.

Alec Baldwin’s voice is perfect and his corporate style, bossiness, and all the hard talk bring the fun element to the movie. Supporting characters like Jimbo, Staci and the triplets bring their own share of fun and laughter too.  The movie is full of colors and the background music is lively. And well, Cookies do are for closures. (Watch the trailer and you will know)


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