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The Big Bang Theory Returns With Season 11: Where Has It All Gone Wrong?

The Big Bang Theory is no longer the hilarious show it was, and seasons 8 and 9 were abysmal, to say the least.

It all started with a big bang, back in 2007. And just like the real Big Bang, it was hot and exciting. Also, just like what happened after the real Big Bang, things have gotten slower and dull. With season 11 now underway, does the show have a chance at redemption?

Following the lives of Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstader, Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrapaali, the hit TV show Big Bang Theory created a loud noise when it started (no pun intended here). Showing the stories of nerdy, geeky, physics-loving scientists at Caltech, it gained immense popularity and became a worldwide sensation. Not only was it successful based on TV ratings, but it even bagged critical acclaim, including 4 consecutive Golden Globe awards for Jim Parsons.

Big bang theoryOf the four geeks, Jim’s portrayal of Sheldon Cooper, arguably the smartest guy in any room, won many plaudits. His ‘triple door knocks’ and catchphrases such as “Bazinga!” and “That’s my spot” became a part of pop culture in no time.  Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco’s chemistry as Leonard and Penny also won many hearts, and the show was destined to be an all time favourite.

But soon, it began to go a bit downhill. The Big Bang Theory is no longer the hilarious show it was, and seasons 8 and 9 were abysmal, to say the least. TV ratings dropped, and the love from the audience also started to wane away.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11

The new season offers nothing new and it simply picks up from the very place that Season 10 left. Sheldon is engaged to Amy and Bernadette gets pregnant, while Raj is still playing the lonely card. The show where science jokes and nerd talks used to take a major chunk of the script while a small part was given to the handling of social situations like love, romance, fights etc, has turned upside down, where now a major part of the show talks about social issues and the science jokes have just become a couple punchlines.

Big bang theoryWhere did it all go wrong?

Many consider the addition of female leads into the show as the beginning of the downfall. Make no mistake; Maiyam Bialik and Melissa Rauch are amazing actors, alongside Kaley. However, this was a show dedicated to the four nerdy science lovers. Not to sound anti-feminist, but this storyline shouldn’t have been turned into a multiple romance-marriage ‘social drama’ script.

People are also angry about the way the characters have developed throughout the series. Howard somehow, from a perverted guy who hits on every lady he can see, becomes a mature father and a faithful husband. Sheldon, who used to have no concept of human emotions and societal norms, is now not only in a relationship, but also developing feelings. Yes, characters are supposed to grow through the season, but they should also retain their essence, the best example possible being FRIENDS. In Friends, through season one to ten, Joey is always a ladies’ man, Chandler is always immature and sarcastic, and so on. Tinkering with the very nature of the character is one of the reasons why the show has seen a decline in interest from viewers.

The Big Bang Theory has gone from being a geeky comedy to a drama series. It was supposed to be about science and stars wars and dungeons and dragons, and somehow it is now about handling relationships and being a parent. Not saying that it is bad, just that the writers at TBBT shouldn’t have done that. Shows like How I Met Your Mother were comedy dramas. The Big Bang Theory promised to be a comedy show with a different outlook, but it certainly is not living up to that.

The cast is the same, so are the people working behind the cameras. After season 6, it just didn’t feel like the same show anymore. Catering to the demands of people who wanted romantic arcs in the show, it has gone so far that it is no longer even remotely similar to what season 1 was. It was supposed to be the life of geeky physicists through life, not their transformation to mature people in relationships.

Season 10 was surely a welcome change from the monotony that the series had adopted throughout seasons 8 and 9, but with Sheldon proposing to Amy and Howard and Bernadette having a baby, it is unlikely that we will ever get to see the old school TBBT ever again.

The show surely has not run its course, and there is more that Jim Parsons and the other stars have to offer. We should just hope that the producers of the show still remember the reason the show was started and stick to the basics.

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