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A List Of 10 Best Bone-Chilling Horror Movies From 2017

The year is about to end and with the big and the small, the good and the ugly, share of movies that were released in 2017, we have compiled a list of the 10 Must Watch Horror Movies from this year. Check out to see, if you have seen these. If you haven’t, call over your friends, find your blanket and popcorn and binge watch these spine-chilling horror flicks. Watch them all. We dare you!

PS: Watch these alone at your own risk.

Get Out

When Chris goes to meet the parents of his white girlfriend Rose, they hit a deer on the road. Rose’s parents seem nervous about their daughter’s interracial relationship, but seem overly accommodating. Chris observes weird behavioral patterns in all the African-American staff working at their house. Rose’s mother offers her hypnotic skills to help Chris get rid of smoking and there begins a horrifying struggle for sanity and survival, engulfed in a sinister plot.

The Lure

When two flesh-eating, blood-thirsty mermaids befriend a family of musicians, one falls in love with a musician, while the other hungers for human flesh. They soon join a cabaret club, where they sing and dance, while feasting on humans. Things soon turn for the worse, as things get out of control and the body pile up keeps on increasing.

It Comes At Night

Paul has secluded himself in the woods with his wife Sarah and their son Travis as the world suffers from an unnatural threat. Things are put to test as another family seeks food and shelter into Paul’s house. Paranoia and mistrust takes a wrong turn in the spooky drama.


The evil shape-shifting clown, Pennywise is back after 27 years. After recent disappearing in the town of Derry, a group of seven kids are united over their strange encounters with the evil clown who feeds on their fears. Determined to kill him, can they hunt the hunter?

Annabelle: Creation

After the death of their daughter Bee, Samuel and Esther welcome Sister Charlotte and a group of orphanage girls to stay with them. When a crippled girl, Janice follows the ghost of Bee into her room, she finds the possessed doll, Annabelle. A strange evil force is unleashed. Who shall survive in this spooky, doll drama?

Cult of Chucky

Rated R for its strong horror and violent scenes, brief sexuality and gory killings, Chucky, the killer doll returns. Nica is accused of murdering her family at the end of Child’s Play movie and sent to an asylum. Chuky and his former wife, Tiffany survived and they return together to form a huge cult, meant to terrorize and kill their victims.


Jigsaw returns as the eighth installment in the Saw movie franchise, that has been the face of Halloween masks for years. When a group of murders happen bearing the signs of Jigsaw, police suspect if the long-dead John Kramer is back. With new gory killings and clever twists, who is the new Jigsaw?


The third film in The Ring series, the cursed video tape has somehow survived and has found its way to kill people. Julia’s boyfriend Holt is the new victim of the dark mysterious urban legend. As Julia sacrifices herself to save Holt, she discovers a movie within the movie. Can she find the solution and end the curse for once and all?

Amityville: The Awakening

The case of the haunted house in Amityville is reopened as Joan, a single mother moves there with her two daughters and her bed-ridden son to save on her son’s healthcare. Strange things including miraculous revival of her son. The elder daughter, Belle gets to know that the house was the site of a mass murder and discovers blood stains concealed under the wallpaper. The house takes over the body of her brother James and thus begins the horror.


A horror anthology – Four stories, four different female directors and four female leads. The Box follows the story of a people losing their appetite after knowing the contents of a box. The Birthday Party is the story of Mary who tries to hide her husband’s body, as guests begin to arrive for her daughter’s birthday. Don’t Fall follows the story of four friends who face horror as they go camping in the woods. In Her Only Living Son, Cora flees with her son Andy, but near his eighteenth birthday, Cora discovers his son’s dark side.

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