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A Word On The Vandalism At Jaipur Art Summit 2016

We Stand Against The Whole Act!

What happened at the Jaipur Art Summit is not an affair that would die halfway, blessed by the current sluggish sensibility, and pregnant with the most horrible, repressive, dogmatic, fascist, saffron cultural nationalism. It is a reiteration of the contest that defines the course for posterity.

The least affected resemble those prematurely dead souls, who witnessed Galileo in Vatican and Socrates in Athens and didn’t bother whether freedom and courage were saving posterity and documenting rare glimpse of genius that could change one’s estimation of the self.

And the most affected is that instinctual craving of genius which simply cannot be overruled since it breathes not upon the pillars of regimes, propaganda, and denotations, but upon the pillars of the freedom to speech, expression and interpretation.

Well, it is highly absurd and the worst of its kind that any man on this land, in a century as ours, finds it cultural for saffron forces to determine the course of thoughts. It is not just unfortunate but unredeemable because it is precisely the licensing of these forces covenanted in the acquiescence of the rest of the society that the worst has been prevailing for so long. If one, only has the courage to stand up to the evidence and arguments, no wonder there has been consistent murdering of the fact of India being multicultural and therefore, multi-expressional and multi-interpretational.

Now having considered the environment that Lal Shakti, and all the other so-called (diseased) saviors of our culture and traditions in our social-political engines exemplify; it is not the nation’s inability but the agreement and appetite for ideologies that are destructive, hideous, apocalyptic and are bluntly ‘nude’ in their pride to butcher creative urge, and the freedom of expression.

But if we, only, wonder as to why these groups and their front, who in this case, ironically is a lady, would find art and its indecency so incendiary to cultural sentiments.

Well, the answer lies in the issue itself. Groups like Lal Shakti and its representatives have always craved for nudity in its most wretched forms, in states where the female body is a perfect space to be assaulted for hegemony, penetrated for dominance and played against morality and compassion.

To put it more simply, Lal Shakti’s and Hemlata’s questions to these paintings are these-

“How dare you depict women in artistic mediums and make them speak for themselves?”

“How dare you give her alternative expressions when a woman is but a fixed existence designed to be raped and ruled over?”


“How dare you deal them with brushes and colors when we for so long have left them with bruises, wounds, and nightmares of Lal Shakti?”

Is this Progressive India, You proudly thump your chest for and whose anthem makes you stand before every movie?


Credits: India Today

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