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Learn How To Paint Galaxies In A Mandala Art Workshop With This Amazing Artist

Mayank Agarwal is an artist-entrepreneur who has been conducting Mandala Art workshops in Jaipur and Delhi. He is, recently, going to conduct another Mandala Art Workshop this Saturday in Gurgaon. We talked to him about his love for the Mandala Art and how it helped him to learn patience and bring positivity into his life.

Who are you? How did you start Mandala?

I am a Business Risk consultant and I am working with one of the Big-4s in my line of profession. I was born in a small town of Uttar Pradesh- Bhira Kheri. I had my earlier education at a nearby town, and then at Nainital. I came to Delhi 8 years back for my Graduation, and since then the list of experiences have innumerable additions to it. Surprisingly, all the things I am involved in are entirely different from my main job. I love to travel, write poems, click pictures around, and practice art. My job deals with numbers and legalities.

Mandala Art Workshop

I was always inclined towards the arts, but never thought that it would become one of the most important things in my life. I kept practicing different mediums and forms, from which I was quite fascinated by the designs that followed repetitive patterns. Then, I got to know about Mandala a few years back. I used to draw similar designs before as well but never knew that the name that stood for it. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle or the universe. Mandala as an art form means designs in a pattern.

What Mandala helps you with?

Mandala as an art form can be adopted in practice for different reasons by different individuals. For me specifically, it is an art that brings about patience and a sense of accomplishment. I had always been involved in a lot of things, and always expected results in proportion to the efforts I made. Lesser did I know that there were several other factors that influenced the outcomes. As a result, I used to be very impatient, dissatisfied with myself, and there were several other negativity around me. Mandalas are complicated designs that require attention, patience, but the results you get are just amazing. When I complete a Mandala, the sense of accomplishment and the control over mind to be attentive and focused brings about a lot of energy around me.

Mandala Art Workshop

How is this art form getting trendy in today’s times?

Everyone’s life is busy these days. People are impatient, depressed, and almost everyone expects a lot from this world. All the materialistic needs beyond a normal level increase the anxiety levels. In such scenarios, people try to find escape routes or things that calm their mind. They travel, meet people, practice art forms, etc. Mandala is one such art form that has been observed to bring a high level of satisfaction. Therefore, it is getting popular each day.

Why should one attend Mandala Art Workshop?

To initiate is a task in itself. The art form has gotten to be popular very recently. Also, people by looking at Mandalas find it tough to even decide to proceed. However, this isn’t true. With a little guidance, drawing Mandala can be really easy! At Mandala Art workshops, you get to learn the techniques, relevance, and most importantly the instructor tries to help you connect with your areas of weakness.

Mandala Art Workshop

Who can attend the Mandala Art Workshop?

The workshops can be attended by people of any age! Really. It doesn’t even need one’s prior background in Arts. One just has to follow the basic instructions, hold patience, and can see the beautiful result that comes along.

Tell us about the past workshops that you conducted.. how was the reaction? Are people eager to learn?? Do they take home something?

I have organized a few workshops in Delhi and Jaipur. These were basically in collaboration with the city organizations that promote arts through workshops. My first workshop helped in Jaipur and it was attended by 15 people. The session was conducted in a rooftop café which was covered with beautiful plants around it. The batch had people from age as low as 12 with people of about 55 years of age. Everyone, including myself, had a wonderful experience. I have also conducted workshops at Little Black Book HQ in Delhi.

Mandala ArtTell us about your next event.

The next Mandala Art workshop is going to be held on the 5th of May, 2018 at Café L’Pause, Gurgaon organized by the Ptah. However, it has a twist. I will be teaching drawing Galaxies along with the Mandalas. I urge everyone to come to attend the workshop and explore new dimensions to your life and to your personality.

For more details about the event, click here: and check out Mayank Agarwal’s works on Facebook and Instagram.

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