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Ratyaditya: Traversing minds through Art

“Through Art, new bridges can be built that help us see each other as a part of the same human existence and not different from it. The Rohingya Muslim musician may be able to communicate to the white painter through their art, something that may make it clear that we are all the same inside.”

The above mentioned would hook your mind, hold it there to ponder over the beautiful motive behind the young artist, Aditya Verma, who has nurtured thousands of drawings, paintings, wall-size canvasses, bottled breathing words and a deep lust to cross a myriad spectra of thoughts and ideas.

In his peregrination to unfold gender less art, Aditya holds Picasso as his major influence.

“I’m fuelled by the sheer magnitude and artistic purity in his works.” said Aditya.

RatyadityaThe recurring dots in his drawings symbolise singularities; “about how these small events that are guiding out life stories. And they are on my canvas to show that everything around you plays a part in shaping who you are”, he said.


When asked if he lets colours speak for themselves, Aditya had an interesting answer. “My relationship with colour has become deeply personal, like a marriage of many years, people might see and infer from it, but what it holds for me cannot be explained. I also believe there are newer colours that can be discovered, theoretically, and I wish to do that.” An eccentric soul who finds solace in sitar strings, Aditya relishes on trivialities that make him think beneath the layers.

“Recently I saw a pigeon sitting on a branch, taking flight and landing on another branch some distance from the first one. Looked like it was reaching for comfort. This made me think that animals are sentient beings too.”

An ardent lover of the contemporary wave of art, Aditya believes that ‘everyone has the same thought pattern on a subconscious level’ and to traverse and bridge minds should be one of the sole motives of art. The Ratyaditya Art Forum embarks on artists along this concept of thought to inspire all without boundaries. The art forum is a collaboration of artists from fashion designers to photographers or even novices in fields of art to work together and explore. To encourage more artists, Aditya has offered scholarships and other benefits. The latest exhibition he conducted was the SplatterSpeak, a platform for body painting to convey art for mental health awareness. Artists would listen to the subjects’ stories and help map out their journey through body blueprints and creating awareness about mental health.


Aditya is one among those artists who has deep and pure connection with art and selflessly aim to better the thoughts of society. It’s the conviction of the artist and the purity of the passion of art that finds its way on the canvas of Aditya Verma to form the perfect artworks that align with the stars of reality carrying notions of genderless art in its womb.


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