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The Daydream Girl Remains Flat Throughout With Only A Few Touchdowns

The Daydream Girl by Bella Pollen is a typical chick-lit, about  a struggling scriptwriter and cinema manager, Kit Audrey Butler, who tries to find the answers to all the problems in her life through the movies, but soon wakes up to the crude reality of the world outside the cinema.

What to anticipate:

Reading the title “The Daydream Girl”, one can easily guess what to anticipate, a girl who looks at the world through her own dreamy illusions, but we still dare to read the book to find out if she is really able to turn that vision into something meaningful. Truth be told the reader can easily relate to the protagonist Kit, someone who tries to mock at the current situation with the tinge of’ what could have been’. Like most of us who always wish to escape reality by turning towards something or the other, Kit turns to the movies.

On Golden Pond we drift. In a boat. Dad and me. We wear matching crushed cotton hats and khakis. We talk about fish and flies and nylon ties, all three a euphemism for deeper, more painful things. The rollocks squeak, a heron mopes on the passing world while behind us the sin loops downwards in the sky. And finally, finally we are at peace with each oth- ‘Hold the lift!’ Someone shouts. I stab the G button and put my foot against the heavy electronic doors to keep them open. An emaciated man with barren eyes is wheeled in on a stretcher by a couple of attendants. The lift whirrs again and stops at three.

From script rejection, being left by a moderately famous star boyfriend, an estranged father, to a job as a manager of a theatre that is dying, for whatever goes wrong in her life Kit hunts for the right movie and tries to figure out how she must behave in that situation. But life is not a movie, there is no script, no retake and nothing can be perfect! Kit too realises this but the hard way. She realises that no hero is going to help her through her life but she must fix things on her own.

Overall the book had cliched plots, but the characters are quite believable and the protagonist isn’t a perfect soul, she makes mistakes like all of us. Even as the book ends, Kit hasn’t achieved the perfection as she still doesn’t know if what she’s doing is right or not, that is what makes the book believable but nothing extraordinary comes out of it.

Bella Pollen did start off well, with the protagonist trying to dream her way through life, the problems that she picked were the right mix to make a good novel but she couldn’t really develop it into something great.

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