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Black And White Version Of Logan On The Cards. An Insider Look At The Amazing Pictures!

Logan has been running successfully in theatres and the movie has been getting praises from reviewers and fans across the globe. It’s the last time, we would see Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart in their legendary roles of Wolverine and Charles Xavier respectively. Well, it’s a sad end but the perfect goodbye. Logan is being said to be one of the best superhero movies of all time and the best of all X-men movies.

But, Hold on! There’s more to be excited about. The director of Logan, James Mangold, has confirmed that a black-and-white version of the movie was on the cards and it would be released later this year.

This will definitely give more substance to the movie. Logan shall turn a little more compelling, highlighting the weariness and the movie’s grave texture effects.

And just so you, changing a movie into its black and white version isn’t easy, unlike using filters on Instagram or using Photoshop. Mad Max: Fury Road’s [2015] director George Miller had also released a ‘black-and-chrome’ edition of the Oscar-winning movie. Well, just to give you an idea, here’s Logan’s trailer in Black And White:

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