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Logan Movie Review: This Ideal Blend of Raw Action, Love and Pathos is the Perfect Farewell.

Director: James Mangold

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant

Ratings: 4/5

Logan Movie review

Logan brings two of the greatest X-Men characters for the last time together. The year is 2029 and mutants are on the verge of extinction. A sick and old Logan works as a limousine driver to collect enough money to buy a boat and take Charles Xavier into the seas. Charles is on the verge of his death and is attended by Calaban, a tracker mutant. Meanwhile, Charles has been communicating with a new mutant, Laura. Laura is a part of a young breed of mutants who have been made by experimenting upon them by William Stryker’s son, Dr. Price. They escape from the facility and are hunted by Price’s men. Logan gets to know Laura and about her abilities. Will he be part of that war? What is weapon X-24? Will he fight for Laura? Will he be able to save them?

logan 2017


Citing his age and skin cancer, Logan will be the 10th and the final appearance of Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. Even Patrick Stewart confirmed this movie to be the last time, he would be playing the super-mutant Charles Xavier. Summed up in the words of Hugh Jackman, it’s a mixture of “Unforgiven” (1992), “The Wrestler” (2008) and “Shane” (1953). Patrick Stewart lost 21 pounds to play the role of a sickly Charles. The name of the movie is a reference to Mark Millar’s graphic novel “Old Man Logan”. Hugh Jackman took a salary cut, in order to make Logan, an R-rated movie. Logan’s director, James Mangold announced that a black-and-white version of the movie would be released later.

What To Anticipate:

Logan is no comic-book movie. It’s a movie very much in its flesh and bones. This third and the last installment in the Wolverine series carries a different song altogether than its previous parts. We get to see a weary Wolverine, who cannot heal back anymore, who is reluctant to be a part of any fight. He looks exhausted and his dialogues and expressions are in perfect sync with it. His grizzly beard, wrinkled face and lost stares have wrapped the animal that he used to be. He carries an adamantium bullet, just, in case. He cares for his old friend Charles Xavier, who has always been the person to show Wolverine the light ahead. The character of Wolverine has been shown in a different light altogether which will be seriously enjoyed by the audiences.

Logan movie 2017

The little girl, Laura, played by Dafne Keen bears all the traits of a young Wolverine, full of rage and the killing spirit. The moment she draws her adamantium claws, Logan and Xavier are wonderstruck and you will be too. She hunts and kills like he used to. Director James Mangold brings together the past and the present of Wolverine to a standstill on the same screen. She fits perfectly in the role, caring for Logan and at the same time becoming a killing machine. The earlier stories made Wolverine humane enough, but this makes him susceptible like a normal human being.

Logan movie takes a different road altogether than the normal superhero movies. There is a vulnerability which comes in terms of realistic action in this movie which is no less than a road-trip. The hunter suddenly becomes the hunted. Not to complain, but somehow the movie misses a main powerful villain for the antagonist here is Wolverine’s age and time. But, you will be glad that the director and the producers decided to make this an R-rated movie, for the action sequences are amazing. For every Wolverine fan [Spoiler Alert], the moment you see two Wolverines fighting one-on-one, you will literally forget to breathe.

Though a sad-end for Hugh Jackman, it’s the perfect goodbye and we bet many comic-fans would be excited to see the limelight getting off Wolverine, for there is a truck-load of interesting characters we would love to see on-screen for a longer time such as Gambit or Shylock or Jean or Nightcrawler.


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