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This Is Us Season 2 Premiere: This Is What Happened In The Most Beloved Family Drama

After an astounding season one, the show that made everyone cry their eyes out is back and Season 2 is going to be another cry-ride.

The beginning of Season 2 sees William, whom we thought we’ll never see any more after his saddening death but thanks to the writers, who have kept him alive through past sequences as well as in Beth’s memories, which is such a poetic way of keeping him present in the show.

The last season started with the big 3 birthdays and this season too, started along the same lines, which I think must be the writers’ plan to turn it into some sort of a tradition. But, a lot have changed within the year. Kate is no more distressed by her weight, because she has a loving fiancé who supports her completely in her plan to pursue a singing career (which if you think about is a stark contrast from her mother’s situation in the past), Rendall plans to adopt a baby (even though Beth seems to not like the idea) and Kevin is more than focused on his career as well as his love life with Sophie.

In the past, Jack and Rebecca were seen ‘taking a moment to catch their breath’. The kids are equally confused about what do they mean when they say they need a moment. Jack is at Miguel’s place and he is certain that Rebecca will come back and things will get back to normal. Rebecca feels disappointed right now because Jack made her choose between her aspirations and her bittersweet life. It is difficult for young Rebecca to accept that after having kids and getting married, her professional life is almost over.

This is usYou also find a Hillary Clinton reference. The beauty of the show is using viewer’s power of assuming everything and putting holes into the story, so that one starts assuming plotlines and it is at that very moment that the show surprises the audience by filling in those holes with further details.

In the very first episode you get to see two completely, different sides of Kate. There is one side of her which is fragile and under confident about her weight issue, an issue which has critically affected her self-confidence, especially because she was bullied for the same in her past. Kate doesn’t seem to be over the idea that she is more than just an overweight girl because she sees her bullies in those skinny, well dressed and blonde-haired girls. But then there is a completely opposite side to her which will not let any man push or coddle her. No man, not ever her brother or husband can tell her what to do because she is a 39-year-old independent woman. It’s finally pleasant to see a complicated overweight woman being represented on TV. Kate is also told in an audition that she is not good enough but she does not take it negatively and wishes to improve and be better at it.

This is usToby and Kate also face some rough time because of the presence of Kevin, who seem to be almost everywhere, even in the house. Kevin is so used to Kate being around all the time that he is unaware about his boundaries.

Rendall wants to adopt a baby boy to honour his two dads’, an idea that Beth does not approve. But after meeting her mother who tells him about the difficulty, she had while adopting him, and how Jack was the one in the relationship to make all the big moves, Rendall realises that he cannot force his decision on Beth. Beth says that she is not against the idea of adopting but rather suggests that if they are really interested in adopting someone they should adopt an adult who is disregarded and unwanted by the world. This way they can save one child from a bad future, a future that Rendall would have seen if he was not adopted.

This is usAt the end we see Jack owning up to his drinking problems and Rebecca offering her hand and telling that they shall handle it together. But then, we are, unfortunately, jumped to the time of Jack’s death reminding us of the fact that Jack is deceased and we even, get a clue of his death which is a burned down house and not a car accident as we earlier thought.

This show can’t get any better. For humanity’s sake, please watch the show on Hotstar.

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