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The Ghazi Attack Review: This Patriotic Movie Loses Out On Expectations


The Ghazi Attack speaks the courageous tale of the officers and crew of Indian Naval Submarine, S21, who were on a secret classified mission to track enemy ships and who remained underwater for almost 18 days before destroying the Pakistani submarine, PNS Ghazi off the Vishakapatnam harbor. Based on intelligence reports, Indian Submarine S21, under Capt. Rann Vijay Singh, Lt. Commander Arjun Verma and XO Devaraj was sent on a search and report operation. Tracking PNS Ghazi and tracked by them, the crew of the ship face many ordeals before they finally destroy their enemy.

The Ghazi Attack


The Ghazi Attack is India’s first underwater war film. The movie marks the debut of director Sankalp Reddy. The movie was shot inside a submarine set in Hyderabad. The digital rights of the movie were sold at 12.5 Crores. The sinking of PNS Ghazi still remains a mystery. Based on the sinking of the ship, a 120-minute thriller drama movie called ‘Ghazi Shaheed’ was made in Pakistan.

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What To Anticipate:

The combination of Menon, Rana and Kulkarni is absolutely brilliant. If the captain is aggressive, we do have a second-in-command who is eager to follow the orders given by headquarters and at the same time, we have the XO, who is subtle in his ways, following the captain and also letting his junior lead when the time comes. All the three actors are to be praised for their brilliant acting. At the same time, Rahul Singh’s acting as the enemy captain Razzaq is to be praised too.

Besides the officers and one other senior crew member, the rest of the crew doesn’t look like sailors. One character called, Jadhav, keeps on questioning the orders, which never happens in defence forces. Apart from that, the thing which is a big turnoff is the pace of the movie. A lot could have been done in that time. Some scenes specially the bubbling of water were constantly repeated on the screen. It somehow feels that the over-dramatization of scenes brought immaturity and it felt amateur.

Apart from inaccuracies, in terms of Naval Code and Conduct, the movie leaves you high and dry towards the end. Building up so much of momentum, the movie kind of loses its aggressiveness as it approaches the end. Also, the whole notion of hushing inside the submarine as if the enemy could hear them looks stupid.

 The graphics and the VFX are not at par with Hollywood movies, but it does raise the bar for Indian movies. Taapsee’s role has not been utilized and at the same time, two refugees aboard an Indian merchant ship, also the only two survivors of the ship seem too far-fetched.


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