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Squad Review: Rinzing Denzongpa’s disastrous debut questions your patience

‘Squad’ is the debut film of Rinjing Denzongpa, son of Hindi cinema’s veteran actor Danny Denzongpa. Rinzing plays the lead role in the action-thriller flick.

Cast: Rinzing Denzongpa, Malvika Raj, Pooja Batra, Amit Gaur, Tanisha Dhillon

Director: Nilesh Sahai

Platform: Zee5

Squad Story

The story of Squad is based on the rescue operation of a six-year-old girl, kidnapped by the special forces of the enemy country. When Scientist Banerjee’s granddaughter Mimi is missing, Intelligence Officer Nandini Rajput (Pooja Batra) forms a team to bring the girl back to India. Bhim Rana (Rinzing Denzongpa) and Malavika Raj (Aria) are a part of the Special Force that is tasked to bring a girl pack to India abducted by the Pakistani Special Forces. This scientist is working on the formula of a superhuman, for which the powerful people from all over the world are after him. It is the responsibility of Bhim and Aria to bring this scientist’s granddaughter to India safely so that the formula of superhuman does not fall into the wrong hands.


They say, there are two types of action movies made in Bollywood. The first are those that actually contain good script and action and the second are those that contain Bhaijaan. For the former, the makers work night and day on the script and call stunt directors from Hollywood to design the stunts. In the second type of action film, everything is achieved by Bhaijaan’s entry. So if you are making an action film without ‘Bhai’, you must work on the script and action, otherwise, you are just wasting your money. In the case of Squad, the makers seem to have challenged this philosophy by making a film that has none of it.

With that said, I will also try not to put in a lot of effort in this review, just like the makers of the film did. Squad is a ‘fussi’ cracker that includes an overacting cast, childish script and forced action sequences. From the very beginning of the film, you can guess who the villains can be. In several scenes, you will question the sanity of the makers.

Danny Danzongpa is a well-known artist of Indian cinema, who is known for his intense expressions and dialogue delivery. The expressionless face of his son Rinjing Danzongpa is tough to watch. Moreover, the dialogues from Malavika Raj makes me believe that her future does not look bright in Bollywood.

If this isn’t enough, let me tell you that there are romantic songs in this film which have been shot in Eastern Europe.

I doubt if you will be able to watch the whole movie in one go.

Squad verdict

Honestly, I feel sorry for the newbies trying their luck in Squad. You will have to look hard for a reason to watch Rinzing Danzongpa and Malavika Raj’s meaningless, emotionless, scriptless and actingless film. If you are completely free then you can see the beauty of things around you, instead of this film. The reason I am not giving any stars to this is that I cannot find the criterion to rate this film. Once I do (and I doubt), I will put it here.

Here’s the trailer.

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