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Running Shaadi Review: This Khichdi Movie With No Storyline is Way Too Outstretched and Casual.


Running Shaadi is the comic tale revolving around Ram Bharose, a Bihar migrant, works at a bridal shop in Amritsar and is desperately in love with the owner’s daughter, Nimmi. Seeing his love-story going nowhere, he asks his maternal uncle to finalise his marriage in Bihar. After leaving the shop, he along with his friend, Sarbjeet Sidhana aka Cyberjeet, a street smart computer geek, comes up with the idea of starting a website that helps young lovers to elope and get married. The website becomes an instant hit but the team faces an unexpected twist while eloping Nimmi. Caught between Ram Bharose’s marriage in Bihar and his maternal uncle’s problems, the website and his love story with Nimmi, can he handle it all?


The movie marks the directorial debut of Amit Roy. Earlier the title of the movie was, but after being objected by, the title had to changed to Running Shaadi. The movie has been produced by Shoojit Sircar and it was during the shooting of this movie that Taapsee landed herself the role of Minal in Sircar’s Pink.

What To Anticipate:

To begin with, the whole idea with dropping the ‘.com’, from the entire movie has left some muted audio and some out-of-focus titles and it looks bad. Somehow the whole idea of having their name tarnished by the movie doesn’t make sense, as if removing the ‘.com’, kept their pride intact.

While Arsh Bajwa remains the under-played sidekick, Amit Sadh shines throughout the movie. Though his accent of a Bihari can be questioned. Amit Sadh delivers some good acting, but the same can’t be said that of Taapsee Pannu. Her character seems to have been written in haste and throughout the movie remains unjustified. At one point of time, she seems to look like a villain and at other times, too immature to get married.

The director seems to have just sailed through some major things without giving them much amount of thought. Nimmi is a school girl at the beginning of the movie and in between goes to college, even completes a couple of years, but Ram Bharose remains perfectly same in this entire period, also Ram Bharose, being a small worker at the shop and living in a shanty flat, easily affords some really good clothes and even a car.

Running Shaadi has its rising moments in the first half, but seems dis-engaging and stretched in the second half. Subtracting Amit Sadh from the whole lot of people in Bihar, the realistic portrayal of language used and the proceedings of marriage can be applauded.

The director could have either stuck with the website idea or could have just portrayed the love story of a Bihari migrant and a young Punjabi girl. But, in the process of making khichdi, neither part of the story is well justified.


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