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Rock On 2 has a weak plot with more drama and less music

Rock On 2 Story

Rock On 2 opens with the song, Sindbad sailor, where Rock On left. We are introduced to the different members of the band, living different lives and yet connected by their friendship. Aditya is seen living far-off in Meghalaya, trying to run away from an incident involving death. On the other hand, we have Jiya, daughter of a famous Sarod maestro, Kumud Mishra who is against fusion music. The movie takes on a roller-coaster ride where we see a forest fire in Meghalaya and the final coming back of the band Magik, with two new band members and the organization of a rock concert in Meghalaya.

The band has been performing all over India to promote their movie. With the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, the movie has received a poor response at the theatres. Shraddha Kapoor has sung four songs in the movie.

Cast at the launch

Rock On 2 Review

Being a sequel, a lot was expected out of the movie, which is the only Bollywood movie of its kind delving into youth and the craze around forming and performing in a band.

At the very front, the movie does average on being a sequel. If Rock On dealt with music and youth, it almost seems that Rock On 2 loses its touch of youth. We see band members dealing more with the problems around their life and that of others. It would not be wrong to say that Rock On 2 is more mature, but at the same time, it lacks that connection that was there in Rock On.

“Bade Ped Ki Chhav Mein Chote Ped Nahi Ugte.”

The reason for Farhan’s detachment from the world and living in Meghalaya has been stretched a bit too much, especially when it affects his relationship with his wife.

The movie does have its moments, where it shines. The problems that musicians face while making money are shown in their true colors. Dealing with corporate people with no sense of music, listening to bad music in the name of public TRPs, the maestro Sarod player against the idea of fusing old ragas with guitar and piano are some of these.

“Tum Logo Ko Dil Ki Awaaz Sunao..

Sir, Market Mein Jo Bikta Hai, Wahi Dil Ki Awaaz Ban Jati Hai”.

A couple of moments where the movie really shines is when the old Rock On tunes comes to play and the old band is shown together, jamming in Meghalaya in a hut. The new music that is brought by fusing Shraddha Kapoor’s voice doesn’t take off. That music seems more of a solo project, maybe that is the reason that Shraddha Kapoor goes on to become a singing superstar, rather than part of a successful band. Her transformation into a bird towards the credit song shall remind you of J-Law in The Hunger Games.

When it comes to acting, not just Farhan, but even Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli have done a good job. The newcomer Shashank Arora has worked with his character well, speaking pure Hindi and pairing well with the semi-classical music scenario.

When it comes to music, there are a couple of those pieces, where it takes off to reach its earlier Rock On sound, but then overall, it fails to impress with its concept of fusion.

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