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Power Rangers Review: This High-School Meets 90s Costume Drama is a ‘Fan’ Disappointment

Power Rangers Story

Power Rangers movie is a reboot of the original Power Rangers series. When five teenagers accidentally stumble upon mystical coins in a deep cave, they transform into superheroes. Trained and mentored by the former Red ranger Zordon and a robot, Alpha-5, they must bond together and learn to have faith in each other to morph into power rangers. They learn of the former Green Ranger that has gone rogue and wishes to destroy the Earth. Can they trust one-another and defend the Earth from Rita Repulsa and her monsters?

This is the third Power Rangers movie after Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie(1995) and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997). The trailer of the movie generated over 150 million views under 48 hours of its release. Power Rangers carries many references to its earlier series, like the mentioning of cities like Reefside and Ocean Bluff Rd. as well as the usage of the same Angel Grove High School logo that was used in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993). The movie is the first to portray a gay superhero character.

Power Rangers

Power Rangers Review

It seems by indulging too many brains in writing the story, all they came up with is a story with some parts of the nostalgic old Power Rangers series, a few subplots taken from the Marvel and DC and let’s not forget Transformers movies and the same old stock characters – a former football hero, an autistic genius, a rebel, a princess and a recluse.  And if this was not enough they even included a few of those typical dialogues like Jason saying ‘Sorry Bumblebee’ after throwing a Yellow Camarro and Billy questioning, ‘Are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man?’, but seriously, some of these dialogues couldn’t have been any dumber.

It’s a bumpy and uneven movie and except for the only 15 minutes of the movie where you get to see the Power Rangers in their armor suits fighting the monsters, there is nothing more to look forward to. And to be very true when Kanye’s ‘Power’ song kicks in during the fight sequences, it turns greasy. The first half looks like a teenage high-school drama while the second half like a 90s costume drama. The characters playing rangers fail to make a connection with the audience and that is where the movie fails.

Never use your power for personal gain. Never escalate a battle unless an enemy forces you. Always keep your identity a secret, no one may know that you are a Power Ranger.

The creators tried their hand at turning this into another DC or Marvel or X-Men superhero movie with hidden messages and easter eggs for the true fans to figure out from the movie, but it didn’t create the buzz. And not just that the movie also used a lot of billboard material like making Billy as autistic and turning him into the blue ranger, because blue is the colour for autism awareness and then the whole idea about Trini’s portrayal as a gay character, exploring her sexuality. And, although these worked for good pre-movie release media buzz, it dint help raise the standard of the movie.

Elizabeth Banks fails to make an impact as the main antagonist of the movie and with all the buzz around Becky G. playing the role of a gay yellow character, her acting is uptight. The movie works in pieces, which it has a very few of those like Naomi Scott’s acting or the laid-back fighting scenes. But for a fan of the Power Rangers, you are bound to be disappointed.

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