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Poorna Movie Review: An Inspiring Story With Heart and Soul

Poorna Movie Story

Poorna, the movie is named after the 13-year old tribal girl, Poorna, from Telangana who dreams of studying. Her parents try to marry her, but she runs to a government school. On the other hand, we have RS Praveen Kumar, an IPS officer and a social welfare person who wishes to work with underprivileged students. He turns out to be Poorna’s mentor and discovers her talent as a mountaineer. He sends her to Darjeeling for training, so that she can train to climb Mount Everest.



Poorna is based on the true story of Malavath Poorna, a 13-year old tribal girl from Telangana, who became the youngest girl in history to climb Mount Everest. Poorna was extensively shot in Pakala village, where Malavath Poorna grew up as a child. Aditi Inamdar was chosen among 109 girls for the role of Poorna. When Rahul Bose was offered the role of Dr. Kumar, he liked the script so much that he offered to direct the movie, while agreeing to be the producer at the same. Poorna was screened at the 2017 Palm Springs International Film Festival where it was named among the ’30 Best Films’ at the festival.

Real-life Malavath Poorna atop Mt Everest

Poorna Movie Review

Poorna is a story that was needed to be told. Back in 2014, when real-life Malavath Poorna had scaled the Mount Everest, there were big talks around the event. Talks regarding female mountaineers and praises and laurels were showered over televisions, but no one really knew the real story behind her. Rahul Bose has to be applauded for his sheer grit and determination to work on this movie as an actor, director, and producer so that he could tell our country the story behind this 13-year old girl.


In his second directorial movie, Rahul Bose along with the writers had the weight of retelling a real story in a manner that it kept its touch with reality and at the same time remained earnest with the sole idea of inspiring and motivating several others. Rahul Bose keeps it real, by not making it a big celebratory movie or when it comes to criticising the government of its corrupt practices.

Aditi Inamdar’s depiction of a young, shy, rural girl who finds her true strength in climbing mountains is the best of it all. The simplicity with which Poorna’s character is built is motivating. Rahul Bose plays right-on point as the perfect mentor to Poorna. The bonding between Poorna and Priya is exquisite. It’s their dream combined together that motivates Poorna. There is not a lot of melodrama that holds the movie back, it remains true to its inspiring story.


Even with all the good and inspiring dialogues and scenes, there are few parts of the movie that are not satisfactory. To begin with, the portrayal of RS Praveen Kumar like a messiah could have been toned down a little, while at the same time, some of the lines when retold in Hindi (from Telugu), seemed to have lost its effect. Even some of the big-charming dialogues coming from the mouth of a little girl seemed ‘too-scripted’, while at the same time, thrown-away punch-lines such as ‘slum-dog mountaineer’ seem forced. Keeping aside the clichéd usages of elements to make a movie, the story in-itself remains as inspiring as ever and that gives the movie its heart and soul.


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