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Passengers is a Space-Based Twisted Tale of Creepy Romance With A Flawed Story-Line


When passengers, Aurora and Jim wake up 90 years early due to a malfunction on Starship Avalon which is transporting over 5,000 colonists to the new planet Homestead II, a journey of 120 years from Earth, they try every means to get the hibernation-pods working. Failing upon that, they accept their fate, but Jim has a dark secret. And amidst all, they need to repair the ship and save the rest of the passengers from dying. Can they survive the journey?


Receiving mixed criticism, the movie has grossed over $122 Million worldwide. At one time, Keanu Reeves and Emily Blunt were set to be in the movie.  Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were paid $20 Million and $12 Million for the movie. The famous band, Imagine Dragons, sang the title track, Levitate, for the movie.

What To Anticipate:

The whole movie can be divided into three sub-plots, where we have Robinson Crusoe first, stranded in space alone. Second comes the part of the romance like that of Titanic, just that the hero is the reason of the heroine’s suffering. Creepy!! And lastly, we have a mix-mush of Gravity and Interstellar, where things go wrong in space and the focus shifts there.

The core plot of the movie which revolves around the waking up of Jennifer is flawed. At one time in the movie, Jennifer accuses Chris of murder and that it what it is. It is creepy and a twisted tale of romance in a horrific manner.

Jim is an engineer mechanic while Aurora is from the Gold class. And Jim falls in love with Aurora. Could this be any less clichéd?

Things which can’t be ignored are:

I. Jim is an engineer, a mechanic who figures out everything else, like disabling a hibernation-pod and planting a tree in the middle of the mall, but not how to repair one.

II. Of all the places, it’s just the bar where a human-like robot is present..who is also awake, by the time Jim wakes up. No questions asked!

III. On a ship with 5000 passengers, all you have is one medical-pod.

Well, Gus wakes up, just in his final moments of life and eventually dies, leading upto nothing. It’s like, when the romance of Jim and Aurora goes sour and the writer has nothing else, suddenly the story jumps in with the idea to save the passengers of the ship.

The pressed-up humour in the form of Arthur is also far-fetched.

The movie does lead our imagination into what the future might hold with things like space-travel, colonizing different planets and the concept of how one human being can’t survive all alone. But, at the same time, with a flawed story-line, the movie has been called an, ‘ill-conceived space Titanic.’ And the words stand true.


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