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OK Kanmani Talks of New Age Romance with a Twist

[O Kadhal] OK Kanmani roughly translates to ‘Oh love, apple of my eye’. It is a youthful story of Adi and Tara who meet at the wedding of a mutual friend in Mumbai. Soon they fall in love but are not ready to commit as in near future their respective careers and ambitions are likely to guide them to different continents (literally).

Adi aspires to work in the U.S while Tara wishes to study in Paris. Neither of them wants to be tied to marital bonds. So, for the time being, they pick a middle path that can cause discomfort to the conventional Indian society. Tara decides to move into Adi’s rented place which he shares with the owner of the house – an aging couple. Watch them unfold the journey of their love story.


OK Kanmani is presented by the same man who gave us timeless films like Roja, Dil Se and Alaipayuthey (Saathiya was a remake of this). A befitting background score by A. R. Rahman injects liveliness in the movie and complements the crackling chemistry between the two lead actors. Look out for some déjà vu moments in this one from Saathiya.

A Hindi remake of the movie called OK Jaanu, starring Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor is on the cards. Their trailer was launched recently.

What To Anticipate:

OK Kanmani is not big on story, not even close to extraordinary, but what makes the movie enticing is its aesthetic filming and simplicity. The lead pair’s journey beginning from a blossoming romance to attaining maturity, and to the point of their separation is quite charming. The very first encounter between Adi and Tara is not only mime but as endearing as the rest of their crackling chemistry.

It is good to see such individualist characters, who are not afraid to practice what they prefer. The couple highly regards each other’s personal space and priorities. Both are clear of their goals and, understandably, determined not to compromise it for anything. However, at times in the movie, you start questioning the severity of their dilemma as you feel there are other workable alternatives too, given the advancement in communications technology.

The peppy background score of the movie sets the urban mood. There is no stand-alone song as each one of them is carefully embedded in the scenes.  There are moments that can genuinely make you smile.


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