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Netflix’s Dark – A spooky, mind-bending mystery to binge-watch if you’re a fan of thrillers

With the nationwide lockdown in place, people are exploring the depths of OTT platforms to find something to binge-watch. The internet is full of suggestions, however, there’s a chance that you have seen most of them already or you’re not a big fan of the genres.

If you’re up for an intense, mind-bending, spooky plot, I can help you with something that you will love. Head over to Netflix and search for ‘Dark’.

Dark is a German-language show, but thankfully, there’s an English version too, in case you want to listen to the language you’re familiar with. A minor drawback here is that the subtitles in the English dubbed version won’t exactly match with the audio (something that people with OCD are concerned with :P)

The series is actually dark (no pun intended). There are dim rooms and unlit garages in a town outside of Berlin where it almost always remains dark. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest to watch this series at night with lights off.

Dark begins with the disappearance of a boy who vanishes in mysterious circumstances similar to a disappearance 33 years ago, making people step out to look for him. Eventually, the search leads to a discovery that the town has a spacetime wormhole that some have learned to navigate.

Dark netflix

The search also exposes the double lives, sinful actions and fractured relationships among four families. There’s a bit of romance as well, but with a dark and shady twist to it. In ten hour-long episodes, the story takes on a surprising twist that ties back to the same town in 1986.

Sounds interesting? There’s more. The disappearance coincides some with weird phenomena like animals dropping dead, lights wildly flickering and flashing. Behind all this, there’s an evil force – the villain, which we know as TIME. Yes, nothing supernatural here, time is the villain.

Although Dark’s first season is slightly slow-paced, it does have twists that make you cling to it. A new revelation comes up as the episodes pass while the main mystery is far away from being solved.

Some people have compared Dark with another Netflix hit, Stranger Things. While there are some similarities – boy disappearing and people stepping out to look for him, both have a completely different concept. Dark is, well, darker and weirder among the two.

In conclusion, Dark is an excellent connection of past and present, or you can call it a connection of good and evil. It’s a brilliant concept, undoubtedly, although a bit messy, which isn’t a bad thing either. Some reports have said that Dark is hard to watch but impossible to stop watching and after you’re done watching it, you’ll know they aren’t wrong.


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