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MS Dhoni seems less of a biopic and more of a fan-made movie


The movie is a biopic on the life of one India’s greatest cricket hero, MS Dhoni. The movie begins with the early life of Mahi as a kid, his struggle to find the right balance between career and cricket, his sacrifices and the hard work and the determination leading to his ultimate rise as the captain of the Indian cricket team.


The movie has been released in Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi simultaneously. The film was also shot at Dhoni’s real school and even his real life teachers were filmed. Dhoni had suggested Suhant Rajput’s name for his role in the movie. Dhoni is the first active player to have his biopic made.

What to anticipate:

For every cricket fan, this movie shall be the golden dream. You will be sad at his dismissal and cheer when he hits a boundary. The movie takes us through a roller coaster life, peeking into his life. The first half deals with the young Mahi, interested in playing football, to the fact that his coach never lets him to practice batting. Coming from a lower-middle class family, the movie deals with the struggles, a boy faces to pursue sports in India.

Sushant Rajput has beautifully acted as Dhoni, copying his pulling of sleeves to his famous helicopter shot. The life in Ranchi, the struggle to play for various clubs, missing matches, getting into Railways as the ticket collector, the breakaway from the stagnant life – these all have been well portrayed. The scene with a young Yuvraj Singh(Herry Tangiri) is well scripted.

The movie begins to lag in the second half, when a biopic starts turning into a bollywood commercial cinema, with the coming of Disha Patani and Kiara Advani on screen. The debutant, Disha Patani doesn’t impress with her acting. Also, to mention, the VFX effect appears badly in some of the scenes and almost looks like someone pasted Sushant Rajput’s head over another body. I mean, with all this amount of money, at least this was not expected.

The movie covers the parts of his life, we already know and its literally not an “untold story.”

Things like his rise to being the captain, his struggle with the Indian team, his team meetings and also about his brother have not been dealt with. For a biopic on the life of a cricketer, cricket falls short, and is only covered in a few instances, which seems more of glimpses from matches, rather than acting. The movie falls short on the fact that Dhoni has been shown as the ultimate one-man army in a team game like cricket. Dhoni has been shown as the “perfect” person, that does anything and everything good and that seems farfetched. The controversies have been casually filmed and one can find major chunks of his cricketing career missing from the screen.




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