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Know Your New Superheroes – The Russian-Made ‘Guardians’

Directed by Russian-Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan, Guardians or Zaschitniki in Russian is an upcoming Russian movie, featuring Russian superheroes, no less than American ‘Avengers’ or ‘Suicide Squad’.

A team of Soviet Superheroes was created during the Cold War by altering their DNA. The team includes four individuals with special abilities who represent different nationalities of the Soviet Union. These heroes have been long in hiding but come together for the greater good of the nation. They fight another superhuman being with the power to make every machine powerless. He is on his way to winning over Moscow and scale the entire world eventually. It also seems, he was the man behind the experiments on these superheroes.


Let’s get to know these unfamiliar faces.. these new superheroes:

Ler aka The Landman (Played by Sebastien Sisak)


ler aka the landman

  • Ler is an Armenian word for mountain.
  • Can control Stone and Soil.
  • Armed with all forms of Earth manipulation abilities – break grounds, cause large tremors, Form Craters, Ravines, Holes.
  • Can summon rocks to make an Exoskeletal Armor.
  • Armed with a Chain made up of rocks linked together by blue energy and used as a flail.

Arsus aka The Wildman (Played by Anton Pampushnyy)

Arsus aka The Wildman

  • Ability to Transform into a Bear.
  • Can control how much of his body transforms into a bear
  • Inhuman Strength. Known for “Breaking the Enemy into Small Pieces”
  • Equipped With a Hand-Held Machine Gun along with its battery-Pack.


Khan aka The Windman (Played by Sanzhar Madiev)

Khan aka The Windman


  • Master of Blades and all forms of Martial Arts.
  • Acrobatic and Gymnastic Capabilities.
  • Superhuman Strength and Superhuman Speed, enough to appear like teleporting.
  • Armed with Twin, Crescent-shaped blades resembling a scimitar or sickle. It can be joined at the hilts to form a double-bladed weapon.


Xenia aka The Waterwoman (Played by Alina Lanina)

Xenia aka The Waterwoman


  • Superhuman Flexibility and Agility.
  • Skilled Martial Artist.
  • Ability to Transform her body into clear water, transparent enough to be invisible.
  • Capable of very High Mobility in Water and Survive in Vacuum.


August Kuratov aka The Villain (Played by Stanislav Shirin)

August Kuratov aka The Villain


  • Armed With Mechanized Exoframe-like harness.
  • Enhanced Strength and power.
  • Owns a machine called, Modul-1, which allows him to control any machine by generating blue energy.
  • Armed With an Army of Clones.


Well, manipulating the various forces of nature – the land, the wild, the wind and the water, sounds like Power Rangers. Also, Ler is like Magneto but with rocks. Ursus is another Beast. Khan looks like a cross-over between Nightcrawler and Winter Soldier and well, Xenia feels similar to Invisible Woman.

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Guardians releases in February this year.

Watch The Trailer: 

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