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All you need to know about the New Batman Movie

Speculations after the success of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Ben Affleck donned the black cape as the new dark knight, favored the idea of a new solo Batman movie. We have made a list of all the things that you ought to know about the upcoming project.

    1. Ben Affleck and Warner Bros officially confirmed the Batman solo movie at Cinema Con in April.
    2. Ben Affleck has been working with Geoff Johns, DC’s Chief Creative Officer, and there are rumours of him writing a script for the movie.
    3. It’s official. Ben Affleck will be directing the new Batman Movie. Affleck also confirmed the name of the movie as “The Batman“.
    4. Affleck also said that the story of the upcoming movie will be an original story and it will borrow certain sub-plots and elements from the comic books.
    5. The story might involve Batman being locked up in Arkham Asylum, a place for all the bad-ass villains.
    6. Jared Leto‘s role as the Joker might be seen in this movie.
    7. There are speculations that more than one villain might take part in this fight.
    8. There has already been reports of another super villain from the DC Comics world, Deathstroke, the Terminator to be part of this movie. Affleck teased the fans with a video of the same, though it cannot be confirmed if the video was from the upcoming Justice League movie or the Batman movie.
    9. It has, now, been confirmed that Joe Manganiello of “True Blood” fame will be wearing the Deathstroke suit.

      @credits: screengeek-net
      @credits: screengeek-net
    10. The official release date for the movie has not been confirmed yet, but we might expect it to be released in late 2018.


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