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Things you need to know about the New Bat-Suit

We all remember Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and its director Zack Snyder who brought many of our, comic-fans, dreams come true. We sure do expect him to do the same with the upcoming Justice League movie.

Now, the classic bat suit of carbon fiber was made to battle punks and gangsters in Gotham, but things sure did change in Dawn of Justice. Ben Affleck, our new Batman, wore a mechanized suit, something inspired by Iron Man’s Hulkbuster so that in his fight with Superman, he is not beaten to a pulp.

batman ironman

Now, in Justice League, Batman has to face meta-humans and we sure do expect some twitches into the new suit. Batman will be wearing two suits in this movie. The “Classic Bat Suit” and a new one.

Zack Snyder recently tweeted a picture with the new bat suit.

New Bat suit

We can see the Batman standing next to Batmobile in his new Batman suit, probably in his workshop, pulling some sort of lever.

The new armor-plated suit looks great, I mean better protection, and more deflection. But wait, isn’t that suit similar to that of Nite Owl from Watchmen? I mean.. We know, Snyder and Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson worked together on Watchmen, but they could have come up with something new.


Also to be seen is his new Cowl, which is said to have a mesh of wires to communicate with his fellow Justice League mates. almost sounds a bit similar.. Batman suddenly sounded like the tech guy, like Iron Man does for the Avengers. At least the cowl looks better from its earlier

And Yes.. the new Goggles.. As per reports, Batman will be piloting a new vehicle and these goggles will help him do that.. Well, it seems we can expect another Batwing or a Batmobile. That seems super cool.

Don’t miss the knife cut on his suit..knife cut bat suit

So, he is returning from a fight, and “Something or Someone” did pierce his armor suit? Woah..”Someone or Something” to think about.

Wait.. Is it possible that the video of Deathstroke teased by Ben Affleck is somehow associated with this picture? I mean, Deathstroke is seen in the back of a cargo plane with the Batmobile in the background and this picture somehow resonates with it. Goosebumps!!! Well, we can only wait and watch..

Justice League movie is set to release around November 2017.

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