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Kahaani 2 Falls Short of Its Much Expected Thrill and Gripping Suspense

Kahaani 2 Story

The story introduces us to a mother (Vidya Sinha) and her paralytic daughter(Mini). The kidnapping of Mini and the accident of Vidya brings Sub. Inspector Inderjeet Singh in the picture investigates it as a hit-and-run case. Inderjeet recognizes Vidya as Durga Rani Singh and gets to know her story through her diary. As the diary unravels the story of child abuse and murder, we also get to know that she is a criminal wanted for kidnapping and murder of a lady. Will Inderjeet find the real Kahaani behind Durga Rani Singh? Will Vidya free her kidnapped child?

“Jab Tak Main Zinda Hoon, Tujhe Kuch Nahi Hoga”


Sujoy Ghosh had planned to make the sequel of Kahaani in 2013, but differences with producers led to the cancellation of the project. Kangana Ranaut, Kareena Kapoor Khan and even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were approached, as Vidya had initially opted out of the movie. Major portions of the movie have been shot in Kalimpong in West Bengal. Apparently, Vidya wears only two costumes throughout the movie. Producers had put up wanted posters of Vidya Balan to publicize the movie.

Kahaani 2

“Mujhe Sab Theek Karna Hoga”

What To Anticipate:

Riding onto the success of its first part, Kahaani 2 had a lot of expectations and was obviously going to be compared to its earlier version. Well, it fails to rise up to the standards of its earlier part. Be it the thrill of the chase, the suspense, the foot-tapping music, or the presence of a strong villain – these all seem to be missing in this movie.

The first half of the movie creates some suspense, but the movie turns lethargic in the second half. Hinging on the sole idea of child abuse, it loses its suspense and thrill. The movie becomes easily perceptible, losing its flavour of unexpectedness. The anti-heroes in the movie also failed to make their presence felt.

A major aspect that one is bound to miss throughout the movie is good music. Music, inspired by Bengal, with its rhythmic dhol to give the chase a real good backing. The hard-pounding music of Kahaani was a great hit. But, it surely is missing in this movie.

Talk about acting, and it certainly is praiseworthy. Arjun Rampal does have his old problem of carrying the same expressions everywhere, but his character as a police inspector is believable. Vidya Balan’s acting lifts up the spirits of the movie. She quickly changes her persona from Durga Rani Singh to that of Viday Sinha. The transition is very smooth. The no-make-up, simplistic style of Vidya Balan is bound to win some applause.

Meri Wajah Se Mumma-Papa Mar Gaye.. Mujhe Sab Theek Karna Hoga.”

The role of Mini Dewan played by Naisha Singh and Tulika Mukherjee is commendable. It’s good to see young talents rising on the screen. Though the role of Arun played by Tota Roy Choudhary remains unused and it sure could have been used to bring some other angle to the story.

The movie does strike a chord by bringing the problem of child abuse to the limelight and how children remain unaware of the things happening to them. It does make you question the sick mentality of the people involved in this.

“Dadi Ne Kaha.. Sab Meri Galti Hai..Agar Main Nahi Hoti Toh Sab Acha Hota..

Meri Wajah Se Mumma-Papa Mar Gaye.. Mujhe Sab Theek Karna Hoga.”


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