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Yes..Yes and Yes.. All you grown-up kids.. your favourite sword-yielding action-hero is back. Samurai Jack is back. Samurai’s Jack’s original four-seasoned show ended in 2004 but his quest remained incomplete. Voiced by Phil La Marr and created by the legendary animator Genndy Tartakovsky (known for his Dexter’s Laboratory), Jack returns after 13 years. But, will he be able to complete his quest this time? Only time can tell.

Samurai Jack

For all of you, who need a reminder.. Who is Samurai Jack?

Jack is a Samurai warrior with a magical Katana who was sent into future by the shape-shifting demon Aku before Jack could wield the final blow. His singular quest is to travel back in time and defeat the dark and cruel wizard. Every time, Jack reaches the end of his quest, something comes in between and he misses his chance.

Samurai Jack

Even though ageless, he is not the same Jack anymore. Jack has changed. He carries the despair and lament of 50 years. His looks say it all. He seems silent and alone and a little defeated. He looks mature and darker than before, haunted by failures of long years. Yet, he still remains the unstoppable warrior, the perfect lone soldier determined to finish his quest one way or the other.

Samurai Jack

What should we expect?

Well, one can definitely expect more blood and gory stuff, since it’s coming on Adult Swim. Also, expect a fiercer and crueller Aku. He must have aged well too, getting more agitated at Jack and frustrated by his failures of killing jack and stopping him for once and all. We wonder if the creators will be putting a few comic moments but one thing is for sure.. this season shall be brutal for many reasons. One, both Aku and Jack know each other very well, they are well-accustomed with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, since this is said to be the end of Jack’s journey, one can easily expect more destruction..more action and more killing. So.. more awesomeness..

Samurai Jack

Jack looks super-cool in the trailer, wearing a modified Japanese armor with mask and wielding more weapons. Taking an army of robotic bugs head-on, Jack squishes them, only to reveal himself after his mask is broken.

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Samurai Jack’s final 10-episode season shall premiere on March 11 and we are super-stoked..Are You??

Watch The Extended Trailer:

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