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Inferno keeps the audience hooked and engaged


Robert Langdon is a Harvard symbologist who gets mixed up in a series of events where the fate of the world relies on his puzzle-solving skills, his study of Dante and other ancient artists. To mess things up, he suffers from retrograde amnesia and doesn’t remember anything of the past 48 hours as he doesn’t know who to trust and who to not. He is helped by Dr. Sienna Brooks, a woman interested in solving puzzles. WHO, along with other organizations are behind them, as they search for a deadly virus created by a billionaire bioengineer, Zobrist, who intends to wipe-out half of the world’s population.


The movie is an adaptation of Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno.‘ This movie adds as the third one of its kind after ‘The Da Vinci Code (2006)‘ and ‘Angels and Demons (2009).’



What To Anticipate:

The movie boasts of a strong star cast, scenes around the beautiful museums, gardens and churches of Italy and Istanbul, along with puzzles, truth, deceits and lies that keep the audience hooked to the story line and glued to the quest of the story.

“May be pain can save us.”

“Mankind is the cancer in its own body.”

“The greatest sins in human history have been committed in the name of love.”

Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones do outstanding acting, but it seems that the Forest Gump actor could have been directed better in terms of acting and dialogues. Irrfan Khan makes his presence felt with his sarcastic lines, witty jokes and strong acting skills and plays a significant role in the movie. He says, “Young people are disappointing. People get tolerable at 35.”

‘Cerca Trova’ or ‘Seek and Find’ is the main clue that helps Langdon in his quest. The twist towards the end of the story is unexpected and you shall be mocked by the surprise. Taking clues and puzzles from the life of Dante, his depiction of 8 circles of hell and that of Botticelli.

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