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Harry Potter fan theories that are too crazy to be true

If you’ve spent the last few years in a Harry Potter hangover reading fanfiction and writing conspiracy theories of your own, you’re not alone. We’ve searched the depths of the Internet and bring to you the craziest Harry Potter theories we’ve heard of.

Sirius liked Lily Potter

harry potter theories sirius black

There are theories that when they were in school, Sirius was the first one to lay eyes on Lily and being the handsome charmer, he was sure to woo her. However, when he realized that James also liked her, he decided to let his best friend have a chance at love and courted other women instead. Talk about friendship goals.

Harry and Hermione are siblings.

harry potter theories hermoine

While a lot of fans shipped this iconic pair as a couple, others were convinced that they were long lost siblings. They justified their theories with instances from the story where Harry and Hermione finish each other’s sentences, where Hermione knows a little too much about Harry Potter for her Muggle upbringing and how they always know exactly what the other is thinking.

Dobby has a crush on Hagrid


Yes, this theory really exists. One Potterhead tried to think of the craziest pairing possible, and just like that, the Dobby-Hagrid romance was born. There is an actual fanfiction about the house elf courting the giant. If you’re looking for something wildly graphic but also mildly disturbing to read, do look it up.

Neville had a spell cast on his memory


In the first few books in the series, Neville seemed a tad too forgetful.  He couldn’t perform magic for a king time despite being brought up in a wizarding family and he wasn’t very good at spells. Fans believe that Neville grandmother cast a spell on Neville to wipe all memories of his parents being tortured and to protect him from the prophecy and becoming the Chosen One.

If you have any more Harry Potter theories then let us know. We hope you enjoyed reading this and your world was as shaken as ours was. Do we still live Harry Potter though? After all this time? Always.

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