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Gone Girl Movie- An adaptation of a well-written novel

When Ben Affleck decides to make a movie adaptation of an intense, well-rounded, and intense thriller, one has no option but to be interested. The Gone Girl trailer buzzed up the anticipation and after its release, the actors were venerated and praised for their unbelievably believable performances. Rosamund Pike got nominated for Oscars and we lapped up her terrifying yet powerful portrayal of Amy Dunne.

Gone Girl manages to bring the book readers’ craving hearts alive. Unlike a person who waits with anticipation for the movie to unfold its plot, the book reader waits to check the various executions of it (plot pre-known and loved already). The movie enthralls the viewer with its perfect casting and is better than you imagined in your scrumptious-wonderful-head scenes. It is better because it is more dangerous and darker on screen. The movie chooses to focus on the eerie aspects of the husband-wife relationship. Even after omitting a few moments from the book, the movie keeps the essence intact.

The ‘Ending’ however is a different story. The movie settles on an ending that is slightly different than the book, but in that slightness lies the horror that the book so brilliantly leaves the reader with. A book reader who was left speechless waits for that similar gaping face to resurface in their mouth by the end of the movie, but it doesn’t come. The movie tones down, in the end, as if in a hurry to close. The movie had one straight story to tell and once it did that, it dissolved effortlessly. The book on the other hand did not stop telling its story till the last word of the last page.

Watch it for its amazing cast and performance along with a book solid plot. But do read the book in case you want to be jarred beyond doubt.



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