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The Ghazi Attack: Read The Story Behind The Sinking of Pakistani Submarine

The trailer of the upcoming movie, The Ghazi Attack is out and it looks super promising. Based on true events during 1971 Indo-Pak War, the story is about the officers and crew members of Indian Naval Submarine S21.


Pakistani Naval Submarine (PNS) Ghazi was secured by Pakistan on a lease from USA in 1964. It was used by Pakistan during the 1965 war with India, and saw some action. During the 1971 Indo-Pak War for the liberation of East Pakistan or Bangladesh, PNS Ghazi was sent on a mission to travel near the Vishakhapatnam harbor under Commander Zafar Muhammad Khan. The mission was to assault and destroy or damage, Indian Warship, INS Vikrant and deploy mines near the Vishakapatnam harbor in order to destroy ships and neutralize the Eastern Naval Command of India.  

PNS Ghazi


While, the Indian Navy states that the Pakistani submarine was sunk by INS Rajput off the Vishakapatnam harbor, Pakistani military claimed that the submarine sank due to either an internal explosion or accidental detonation of mines being laid by them. Some sources claimed that INS Rajput was still at the docks when the submarine sank and a loud explosion was heard by the people in Vishakapatnam. Lately, many senior officers have said that INS Rajput was not responsible for sinking the submarine.

On 4 December 1971, PNS Ghazi sank with all 92 Men on board under mysterious circumstances. The sinking of Ghazi remains a great mystery of the 1971 war.

Based on the sinking of the ship, a 120-minute thriller drama movie called ‘Ghazi Shaheed’ was made in Pakistan. Released in 1996, the movie was directed by Kâzım Pasha.

The upcoming movie, The Ghazi Attack, takes a different angle on the same event. The Ghazi Attack speaks the courageous tale of the officers and crew of Indian Naval Submarine, S21, who were on a secret classified mission to track enemy ships and who remained underwater for almost 18 days before destroying the Pakistani submarine, PNS Ghazi off the Vishakapatnam harbor.



Navy Day

On the same day, 4 December 1971, India launched a full-fledged attack on the Karachi harbor with its Naval missile boats. Since then, in order to commemorate and remember the daredevil attack on the Pakistani harbor, the Indian Navy celebrates Navy Day every year on 4th of December.


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