We all know of the Breathe web-series on Amazon Prime to be a father fighting to save his son from breathing his last. The trailer gives you a glimpse into the basic storyline. It’s all laid out – a father killing AB-negative organ donors to give a new lease of life to his son and a disheartened police officer after him.

It’s not as simple as it seems. Breathe is not like any other web series or show you have explored in India before. How does a father react when his only son tells him that he does not want to die? The love a parent has for his child is unfathomable. For a parent, the child is a part of them and if anything happens to that part they will go to great lengths to protect it. R Madhavan’s portrayal of Daniel Mascarenhas(Danny) is brilliant.


Danny’s relentless effort to save his son and how a rational, logical man becomes a psychopath serial killer is why you should check out this amazon prime original.

The other stars are not far behind, Amit Sadh’s portrayal of Kabir Sawant as a heartbroken police officer doing his duty in the Indian police system is at par with R Madhavan’s performance. A helpless 11-year old clutching to the last few strings of his life leaves you feeling gloomy and the show carries a great impact upon you.

Do we all have a psychopath lurking inside us waiting for the opportunity to come out and play, like Dexter Morgan or Annalise Keating? There is a lot of planning, plotting and research that needs to go into committing a murder especially when you want it to look like an accident. We are, all, capable of committing the perfect murder! But will we? Or only watching the loved ones die every second with no respair force one to be a psychopath? This web series takes every bit of our lurking fears and desires and turns them over to this vast canvas of life where they start living and breathing. Just Breathe!!


Is Danny successful in killing everyone? Did his son get a new lease of life? Dark and depressing yes, but brilliant nevertheless. This amazon prime original is connected to a ventilator waiting to hook you up to 320 minutes of racing heartbeats. Breathe and log onto Amazon Prime video and watch the series now.

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