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Blue Mountains Review: This No Brainer Movie Is A Really Bad Melodramatic Soap-Opera

Blue Mountains is set in a hilly town of Himachal Pradesh. Som, a school-going kid, is accidentally selected for a singing reality show, Raaga Rocks. Her mother, Vaani mehra, who used to be a singer, starts dreaming of making her son a singing superstar. Som’s father, Om Mehra doesn’t approve of the plan but eventually comes around. During the final stage of competition, Som loses and sinks in depression. His friends – Oshin, Akks and Humpty try their best to cheer him up, but fail. With a lot of effort, he comes out of his depression and begins to look at life in a positive light.

Blue Mountains


Blue Mountains won several awards at Film festivals, including the Best Feature Film at the 19th International Children’s Film Festival, Best Children’s Film at the 1st Haryana International Film festival and the Best Director award at the 8th Nashik International Film Festival. Gracy Singh, known for her role in Lagaan and Munna Bhai MBBS returns to Bollywood with this movie. 

Blue Mountains

What To Anticipate:

Before even writing the review, we have to mention the amazing fact that this movie won so many awards at so many festivals, that it really makes you wonder the other movies that were in the same category and if the judges didn’t even bother to watch the movie.

In one-word, this movie is a no-brainer. First, the script is bad, like really bad. It’s slow and uneven, where things happen for no reason. There is no proper motif in the movie. And to top it all, the movie takes on some serious issues like anxiety and depression in a child and also the psychological pressure that these reality shows have on a child and tears down the execution. Beginning from the judges of the reality show, who appear as nothing more than puppets doing some funny stuff, you wonder if you were watching a spoof or a parody, but no, mind you, it’s a serious movie.

Blue Mountains

Yatharth Ratnum, who himself rose from a talent show could have used his experiences to some extent in the movie, but may be the director didn’t want to. We sincerely hope, he dint have to go through the same ordeal in his personal life too. At the same time, Gracy Singh is over the top melodramatic and so are the teen actors. After doing some really good work, we never expected Gracy Singh to come up in such a bad avatar. Ranvir Shorey and Rajpal Yadav try to put some life into the movie, but fail to do so.

The movie tackles the idea of depression in a kid, but it conflicts with its own preachings. Som’s mother seeks advice to bring her child out of depression but she herself remains in the state of depression, so much so that she falls sick and Som has to come to her rescue. The childhood love between Som and Oshin has been meddled with so much, that it lets go of its innocence. The director leaves no stone unturned by mouthing big dialogues into the mouths of these young kids. Not to forget, the ‘reallly trying to be’ the antagonist, Mayank sir, who apparently is a dance teacher, is the worst depiction of a choreographer ever seen.

This looks like a really bad Doordarshan soap-opera. The movie also has one of the worst portrayals of a reality show. When it’s a singing show and you see a girl doing an item song without any mic on, and to make things worse, you stereotype her as someone from Germany, the movie has really gone down the drains. We wonder if it was the director’s brilliant idea of putting an item song.


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