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Allied Is A Well-Acted, Subtle Romantic Thriller Of World War-II Era


Allied is a romantic thriller placed during World War-II era. In 1942, Wing Commander Max Vatan, a Canadian Air Force Officer is sent on an assassination mission to Casablanca to assassinate the German ambassador. Partnered with a French Resistance fighter, Marianne Beauséjour, these two operatives fall in love, get married and settle down in London. Over a period of time, Max is informed by the Secret Service Division over their suspicion of Marianne, being a German spy. A romantic thriller during war times, who is Marianne really? Can Max trust his wife or stand loyal to his nation and kill her?


Max : Heard a lot about you, saying you were beautiful… and good.

Marianne : Being good at this kind of work is not very beautiful.

Commander, We believe your wife is a double agent.


The movie, especially its costumes are inspired from Casablanca (1942) and Now, Voyager (1942). This is Brad Pitt’s fourth World War-II based movie (after Inglourious Bastards, Beyond All Boundaries and Fury), while it’s Cotillard’s second (after Lisa). For the little bit of French that Brad Pitt had to speak in the movie, Cotillard tutored him.

What To Anticipate:

Well, to begin with.. the trailer gives a lot away and very less is left for the excited audience to unravel in the theatres. The story is simple.. especially when you set it in 1944, during World War II and bring two spies together. War gives a lot of unwanted background to the movie that the director and the writer easily infuses into the story.

Though the core of the story remains the love between two spies and the situation of the Max, who is torn between the love for his wife and the loyalty towards his nation. The star cast in the form of Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard is a heavy one and they do not disappoint with their acting. In fact, Brad Pitt’s acting can be said to be a tad above that of Marion.

The writing is good, the storyline fast-paced and not lagging in between. But, something seems amiss in all of that. It’s that feeling of satisfaction which remains amiss. To be clear, you will not feel content at the end of the 124 minutes.

It can be said that even after bringing their A-game, be it the actors or the writer or the director, the coming together of it, the final execution seems a little hollow. In the idea of making it a theatrical love-story placed at the time of World War. It fails a bit at both ends, leaving both the end incomplete.


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