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Abhay Deol Takes A Dig At Celebrities Endorsing Beauty Products, Promoting Racism

With a series of bitingly sarcastic Facebook posts, Abhay Deol recently questioned the perpetration of ideas by the beauty industry where fairness products endorsed by celebrities display the twisted reality in all its grandeur. In a country that worships film stars, any ideology glorified by these God-like celebrities easily gets embedded in people’s minds. The beauty industry has always manipulated this idea, creating the desire to be fairer. Indians have their origins in the Dravidian race (in the Vedic period) with darker skin, eyes and hair as compared to the white skinned and blue-eyed Aryans. Combined with our colonial past, which has given us nothing more than inferiority complex, the whole notion of beauty residing in fairness is less of a moral question and more of a societal position.

Deol presented some of the most cringe worthy assertions of the fact that we Indians needed to become fairer first in order to be better-professionally, personally and socially. From John Abraham and Deepika Padukone to SRK and Vidya Balan, he targeted the biggest stars in the industry. Mentioning sarcastic justifications for their tag lines, Abhay Deol, skillfully, highlighted the cacophonic and nonsensical appeal that those messages carried.  Deol has been vocal about the idea of Bollywood stars promoting racism in the name of selling beauty products since 2010.

“I request my fraternity to not endorse such products as it only promotes racism. We are racists and still believe in the caste divide. Instead of spreading the message that we are best in whichever skin we are born with, these ads are trying to make people what they are not. With big stars promoting this concept, people are thinking that it’s not right to be dark-skinned.”

His dig at the ideology neither tries to defame the individual celebrities nor to embarrass the film industry. His message stands loud and clear- “You have to stop buying into the idea that a particular shade is better than others”. He goes on to prove that he has no beef with the film industry by naming the celebrities that rejected fairness endorsement offers such as Kangana Ranaut, Ranbir Kapoor and Randeep Hooda based on morality. While their denial to endorse this ideology is the foundation for change in the industry’s mentality, perhaps consumers need sarcastic wake-up calls such as statements like these for this trend to stop. But, can it really stop? Will you stop becoming fair?

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